Best Budget Video Camera For YouTube 2020 – Reviews, Buyer’s Guide & FAQs

Best Budget Camera YouTube
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Vlogging, especially sharing video clips on YouTube, is a favorite pastime and profession for many. You could use a cell phone and tripod to shoot for YouTube, but for obvious reasons, it is better to go for a camcorder style device.

Smartphones are great for recording short clips, but the camcorders that we have selected offer a lot of features, especially live streaming mode.

Obviously, you want to look your best when you show off your cooking skills or yoga poses. You also need crystal clear sound recording with a large dedicated microphone.

Without further ado, we present the most exceptional budget YouTube cameras for 2020. Camcorders rarely need flash. They have sensors that are specially made for low light conditions and can shoot under floodlights or streetlights. Indoors you can use sun gun. Modern LED lights are so powerful that very often, a large circular LED lamp can replace a traditional halogen sun gun.

Best Budget Video Camera For YouTube 2020 – Comparison

ImageProduct NameFeaturesCheck Price
Panasonic Full HD Video Camera Camcorder HC-V770Resolution: 1080p
Pixel: 12.8 MP
Zoom: 20X
Weight: 912 grams
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Video Camera Camcorder Digital YouTube Vlogging Camera Recorder kicteck Full HD 1080PResolution: 1080p
Pixel: 24 MP
Zoom: 1X Optical, 16X Digital
Weight: 363 grams
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Camcorder Video Camera YEEHAO Powerful Digital Zoom CameraResolution: 1080p
Pixel: 24 MP
Zoom: 1X Optical, 16X Digital
Weight: 1247 grams
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4K Camcorder Video Camera Rosdeca Ultra HD 48.0MP WiFi Digital Camera IR Night VisionResolution: 2160p
Pixel: 48 MP
Zoom: 1X Optical, 16X Digital
Weight: 1193 grams
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Video Camera Camcorder Digital YouTube Vlogging Camera RecorderResolution: 1080p
Pixel: 24 MP
Zoom: 1X Optical, 16X Digital
Weight: 635 grams
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Video Camera Camcorder Actinow YouTube Vlogging CameraResolution: 1080p
Pixel: 24 MP
Zoom: 1X Optical, 16X Digital
Weight: 607 grams
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Video Camera 4K Camcorder AiTechny Ultra HD Digital WiFi CameraResolution: 2160p
Pixel: 48 MP
Zoom: 11X Optical, 16X Digital
Weight: 698 grams
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Video Camera Camcorder,Actinow Digital Camera Recorder with MicrophoneResolution: 1080p
Pixel: 24 MP
Zoom: 1X Optical, 16X Digital
Weight: 635 grams
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Video Camera 1080P Camcorder CofunKool 24.0MP Vlogging Camera for YouTubeResolution: 1080p
Pixel: 24 MP
Zoom: 1X Optical, 16X Digital
Weight: 227 grams
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Best Budget Video Camera For YouTube 2020 – Reviews

1. Panasonic Full HD Video Camera Camcorder HC-V770, 20X Optical Zoom, 1/2.3-Inch BSI Sensor, HDR Capture, Wi-Fi Smartphone Multi Scene Video Recording (Black)

The Panasonic Full HD video camcorder features a four-drive lens system and 20x optical zoom. It also features High Dynamic Range or HDR feature. It is perfect for taking HD 1080p videos in both dark areas and well-lit ones. 

The Wi-Fi function makes it easy to shoot remotely via the Panasonic app. You can also use it for picture-in-picture video recording using your smartphone. With the help of the app, you can also set up remote viewing and stream live events. 

The camera’s Back Side Illumination Sensor or BSI sensor suppresses noise even if you are shooting in areas with low light. This sensor is handy if you are shooting nightscapes or making videos at home. It helps you with taking beautiful images with vivid details. 

The Crystal Engine of the video camera allows you to shoot videos in slow motion. The noise reduction feature allows capturing sharp HD images quietly. 

The camera provides filters such as Silent Movie, 8mm Movie, Miniature Effect, and Time Lapse recording. These filters enable you to shoot videos according to the situation at hand. The microphone of the camera is adept at blocking wind sounds.

  • Full HD camera
  • Meant for shooting professional videos 
  • Takes clear pictures even during the night
  • Wi-FI enabled remote viewing feature
  • Zooming function is excellent 
  • The battery does not last as long as expected
  • Can freeze sometimes 

2. Video Camera Camcorder Digital YouTube Vlogging Camera Recorder kicteck Full HD 1080P 15FPS 24MP 3.0 Inch 270 Degree Rotation LCD 16X Digital Zoom Camcorder with 2 Batteries (604s)

Kickteck has come out with a beginner level camera that exceeds expectations. 

The camera comes with a carrying case, a video input cable, a charger, and two batteries. It supports HD 1080p quality videos which makes it a great product. This Kicteck Vlogging Camera Recorder is a perfect product for making Youtube videos and home videos. The sound is suitable for both.

The camera works only with SD cards. It does not come with an internal memory of its own. The best option is to buy an SD card of 64 GB. 

If you don’t want to buy a VHS camcorder, this is an excellent alternative. It’s also extremely light at just 244 grams. 

It is possible to rotate the screen of the camera for viewing below, front, above and even inverted. 

The camera has three modes – audio, photo, and video. It takes good still pictures given the lighting is adequate. 

The same thing can be said for videos. The 16x zooming function is not as good as expected, though. The photo option has additional settings. These are face detection, smile capture, and anti-shake. The camera records everything in AVI format.

  • Very good for taking still pictures
  • Is extremely lightweight
  • Comes with an extra battery 
  • Zooming function is below par
  • Photos don’t come out good in low light
  • Needs SD card to store pictures and videos

3. Camcorder Video Camera YEEHAO WiFi HD 1080P 24MP 16X Powerful Digital Zoom Camera with Microphone and Wide Angle Lens Remote Control Lens Hood Infrared Night Vision YouTube Vlogging

YEEHAO offers a complete package for all vloggers by presenting YEEHAO Wi-Fi HD 1080P 24MP 16X camcorder. Now you can shoot without any extra headache. The camcorder supports tripods of standard range so that you can give your hands a little rest.

What we liked the most is its IR night vision feature. We had many of our shoots during the evenings, and when we used this camcorder, we got perfect videos and high definition images. 

Our job was made easy with Wi-Fi connectivity. We just had to connect it with our smart-phones and then, uploading and downloading files became hassle-free. You can control the camera even from your phone.

Its professional 0.39x wide-angle lens helps you record anything you want, large or small. We took exclusive videos of tiny insects with its macro lens. The lens-hood protects it from accidental damage and helps in controlling excess light. 16x zoom helps you create some excellent videos.  

We loved the external microphone that records clear sound and increases the quality of your vlog. The best part is you can use this camcorder even while charging. We found the infrared remote-control feature to be excellent. It is simply the best camcorder for YouTube video shoots.

  • Amazing videos
  • Great image quality
  • External microphone
  • Easy low-light and night-time shooting
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with accessories
  • Battery performance isn’t good
  • Wi-Fi connectivity gets disconnected at times

4. 4K Camcorder Video Camera Rosdeca Ultra HD 48.0MP WiFi Digital Camera IR Night Vision 3.0

Rosdeca camcorder has everything to amaze you. Its UHD resolution enables it to shoot wonderful videos and the 48MP camera equipped with a very sensitive sensor gives you satisfying outcomes. It’s totally fabulous for all your YouTube needs. 

The wide angle lens gives you an extensive view of things, making the process of video-making a comfortable one. When we bought it, we got the adapter ring packed with the camcorder. You’d need this ring for mounting the lens on the camera. 

Besides its IR night vision technology, which is in-built for this camcorder, we also liked its time-lapse photography mechanism. We took some brilliant shots with this. Its perfect image-handling capacities made us enjoy everything better through lens than bare eyes.

After installing NovaCam app on our phones, this remote-controlled device becomes easy to use. Connect the Wi-Fi and control it from your phone. We were happy to find out that it can record videos even while charging. 

It comes with lots of accessories. HD OUT cable, camera bag, USB cable, 2 camera batteries, wide-angle lens-hood, and many more products are packed with this camcorder. We loved its extremely effective 16x digital zoom. You get awesome pictures of faraway objects.

  • Built-in memory
  • 4K UHD seems to be 3K, improper fp
  • Superb images 
  • Excellent videos
  • Wide angle view
  • Great clarity
  • Time-lapse photography
  • Built-in memory
  • 4K UHD seems to be 3K, improper fps

5. Video Camera Camcorder Digital YouTube Vlogging Camera Recorder FHD 1080P 24.0MP 3.0 Inch 270 Degree Rotation Screen 16X Digital Zoom Camcorder with Microphone, Remote Control and 2 Batteries

Alsone's Camcorder is a beginner's level product for rookie videographers or YouTubers. It’s a small, light camera that you can strap to your wrist with the wrist strap shipped with the package. Two fully charged batteries along with remote control, a data cable, a charging cable and a black and white case for the camera are also part of the deal. 

We’ve found the stereo mic to be the best feature of the product. It picks up on the surrounding sounds that human ears would gloss over. As such, if it’s a close-up shot, the camera’s internal microphone is strong enough not to need the external one at all.

If you mount the camera on the tripod, it’s easier to rely on the remote control to take videos and photos and not have to worry about messing the angle.

Another marvelous feature is the photo button which either takes photos while you’re recording without pausing the screen or acts as a pause button. You don’t need to stop an entire video to take pictures and start a new clip with this feature.

The Camcorder has a 30-day refund or replacement option, depending on which one you chose. If you’re satisfied with the product, you will have one year of warranty since your day of purchase.

  • Voice Clarity Achieved Due To Stereo Microphone
  • Lightweight Camcorder Is Easy To Carry Around
  • Vivid Colours In Raw Mode
  • Extra Battery With The Box
  • Takes Great Quality Footage Even In Dim Lighting
  • Autofocus Option Isn’t Available
  • Lack Of Optical Zoom
  • Maximum SD Card Capacity is 32 GB which barely contains 2 hours and 30 minutes of a shoot

6. Video Camera Camcorder, Actinow YouTube Vlogging Camera HD 1080P 24.0MP 3.0 Inch LCD 270 Degrees Rotatable Screen 16X Digital Zoom Camera Recorder with 2 Batteries

Actinow’s Camcorder has clear HD visual available while recording. However, when we used the Camcorder for the first time, we found the image to be grainy. This is because the Camcorder isn’t set to 1080P mode by default and you have to adjust the functions yourself.

For completely novice Youtubers, this is one of the best budget video cameras for youtube. Not only is it inexpensive for first-time camcorder operators, but the settings are also set up so tastefully that even a 7-year-old could get the hang of it in a day. An AV and USB cable, a dust bag, and 2 batteries are included with the wholesome package. 

The camera is light and small enough to fit in your hands, no matter the hand size. For the most part, the features are uncomplicated and do basic things. Few fun options like changing the recording mode from normal to blue, red, green filter or sepia, black and white filter are provided.

We’ve tried using it as a handy cam and setting it up with a tripod, and both connections are stable enough. In hand, you can adjust it with the wrist strap. The default of the Camcorder is video mode. Clicking the mode option on the screen switches it to camera mode. 

  • Lightweight
  • Filter option for recording
  • Easy to operate
  • Kit comes with an extra battery as backup
  • Battery can be charged inside the camcorder
  • SD card not included in the package
  • The skewed velcro wrist strap isn’t easy to adjust

7. Video Camera 4K Camcorder AiTechny Ultra HD Digital WiFi Camera 48MP 16X Digital Zoom Recorder IR Night Vision 3.0” IPS Touch Screen with Microphone, Wide Angle Lens, LED Video Light, 2

The accessories included in the package are external microphones, 2 lenses, 2 batteries, an LED light, and a case for all the items. We found the battery life to be an essential positive feature. Even after 2 hours of continuous filming, the battery remains working. In case it does die out, of course, we have the option of using the extra battery. 

The AiTechny Video Camera 4K Camcorder can be charged with a power bank or USB while using it. Before using the camera, it is recommended one charge each battery for 8 hours maximum. The battery life shortens faster when one is using the WiFi simultaneously. 

Modes of the recording can be switched using the touch screen or the three buttons at the top rear of the camcorder. When you first open the camera, it will be in video mode. You can switch it to take good 48-megapixel quality photos as well. The night vision feature, as well as LED light from the package, proved to be a genius addition when we tried to take videos in the night. 

You can do a livestream on social media with the camera with the PC camera mode by connecting it to the computer with a USB cable. 

The one we got had clear 4k quality with amazing graphics. However, there have been customer complaints about the quality of not meeting the standard, so you need to be cautious. 

  • Focus isn’t clear at a great distance
  • The graphics aren’t up to the expected 4k standards
  • Multiple accessories
  • Rotatable 270-degree touch screen
  • Hot shoe for led light and external microphone
  • Lightweight
  • Easy navigation
  • Focus isn’t clear at a great distance
  • The graphics aren’t up to the expected 4k standards

8. Video Camera Camcorder, Actinow Digital Camera Recorder with Microphone HD 1080P 24MP 16X Digital Zoom 3.0 Inch LCD 270 Degrees Rotatable Screen YouTube Vlogging Camera with Remote

Actinow’s 270-degree rotatable screen camcorder has the notable feature of allowing one to flip the screen towards themselves while filming. If you’re an aspiring vlogger or Youtuber, this is one advantageous option. 

When the package arrived at our base, we found it had two batteries, a USB cable, an external microphone, remote control, and a case for storing the camcorder and other supplies. The USB serves two purposes. One can hook up the camcorder to the computer with it or charge the battery while it is still inside the camera.

The image quality is high and crisp to the eyes. However, in low light, the quality resorts to grainy imagery. To deal with the problem, we’ve found the built-in LED light feature at the front of the camcorder to be of use.

If you set up the camcorder with a tripod, instead of continuously moving from your spot to change the settings, you can use the remote to check the lighting and other conditions. We’ve found this feature to be exactly what we needed for taking self-shots.

In the event you do face any problems with the camcorder, the company’s customer service team is happy to provide you with an answer within 24 hours. The one year warranty is another safety before purchase.

  • The stereo microphone picks up remote external sounds
  • A wide range of options for video and photo mode
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • Grain visible in low light
  • No SD card

9. Video Camera 1080P Camcorder CofunKool 24.0MP Vlogging Camera for YouTube, 270° Flipping 3.0

CofunKool 3051STRM 1080P Full HD Video camera camcorder is a good option for rookies, who are starting to learn the nuances of video photography. Even advanced shooters can use this for non-professional shooting purposes.

You can shoot videos and photos at any location with this model. This is perfect for shooting pictures for your social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

This model comes equipped with a stereo microphone. We found this to be a handy feature when we tested it, as this minimizes noise. It also comes with a 3.0 inches IPS touch screen. It also has an IR Night Vision facility, which allows you to shoot at night.

We shot videos while taking photos, via the capture function; we didn’t need to switch the mode. The slow-motion feature allowed us to capture some cool slow-mo footage. This camera comes with a USB output facility, which enables you to download the photos & videos to your computer before uploading them.

This camera also features a motion detection feature. If there is an object moving within the vision of the camera, the camcorder automatically starts to record. You also have the option of choosing from 3 color modes – color, black & white & sepia.

  • Handy & easy to carry
  • Macro lens available
  • Clean lowlight images
  • Speaker microphone
  • The kit has camera & lens pouches
  • Better clarity expected indoors in artificial light
  • Battery life is not long enough if used frequently

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Budget Camera for YouTube Buying Guide 

  • Image Resolution – There are currently three resolutions that are commonly used 720p, 1080p (Full HD), and 2160p (4k Ultra HD). Most vloggers use 720 and 1080p. 2160p is gradually becoming commonplace but not replaced the other two.
  • Image Stabilization – This is unimportant if your broadcast is about applying makeup, and you can use a tripod. But many YouTubers shoot outdoors. To avoid the natural shaking caused by the cameraman’s walk, the lens should have an image stabilization system.
  • Autofocus – This is also necessary for video shooting. Indoors is much easier since the environment can be controlled, and fast movements are absent. Autofocus is a must if you are shooting outdoors.

FAQs regarding Camera for YouTube

1. What is HD and Full HD and 4K?

If you think back 20 years, CRT televisions were SD, that is, 640 pixels wide and 480 pixels tall. Then with DVD came HD, which means 1280×720 pixels. Full HD is 1920 x 1080 and 4K is 3840 x 2160.

2. Do I need an external microphone?

Most times, yes. If you are recording for YouTube, it is essential to have clear audio, and you should invest in a discrete microphone – clip or tabletop.

3. Why can I not use my smartphone?

You can use and often with good results. But cell phones have very small lens diameter, and the image will never be consistently good. Besides, it is difficult to get a discrete mic to attach to a smart device.

4. Do all vlogging cameras allow live streaming?

It may need additional hardware and definitely a software such as Lightstream or Wirecast. Some vlogging cameras are live stream capable, but not all.

5. How big an SD card do I need?

Almost all YouTube channels offer 1080p. One minute of 1080p recording requires about 200 MB of space. 4K needs about 350 MB. Hence a 256 GB SD card or a 500 GB SSD drive is the best option for storage.


During our lab tests, the Camcorder Video Camera YEEHAO WiFi emerged as the most perfect camera for YouTube recording. It is able to support 128 GB memory cards and can record at least an hour of video.

The built-in WiFi makes it easy to transfer video to a laptop for editing. The lens is of excellent quality and great for close-ups. The Panasonic HC-V770 was the clear runner up simply because though it carries a hefty price tag, it is capable of optical zoom. You would have no problem zooming in on a car speeding on the race track a kilometer away with this superb camera.

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