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  1. Central Asia: Youth, Tolerance and Television

    Project aims were: to reinforce the goals of the United Nations Year for Tolerance via exchanges and international distribution of programmes produced by young directors; to find and train a group of talented young producer/directors in the Central Asian countries; and to provide these young professionals with the resources needed to produce a series of at least six video programmes highlighting cooperation and regional understanding. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the region has found itself faced with various ethnic, political and religious problems.

  2. South Asian CMC Network: Piloting digital skills and multimedia content for CMCs

    This project is aimed at training CMC workers from South Asia in digital content creation skills, exposing them to multimedia formats and enabling them to start simple multimedia content production programmes at their CMCs. The proposed pilot provides skills, models and formats to CMCs for local content creation in multimedia environments using digital tools. This will result in greater participation in content creation by enabling CMCs to use participatory multimedia formats, such as digital storytelling.

  3. ANDI: Latin American Communication Network for Children's Rights

    The Agencia de Noticias por los Derechos de la Infancia (ANDI), or News Agency for Children's Rights, is a Brazilian NGO whose mission since its founding in 1992 is to promote and defend the rights of children and adolescents through a strategy that includes research, training for media professionals, and the creation of guides and information resources for journalists.

  4. Strengthening innovative and gender inclusive use of community media practices in the Pacific region for peace and security

    The importance of community-access radio in promoting social and community development, basic education, and models of good governance has been widely acknowledged in the international community.