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  1. Speak with Freedom TV Talk Shows

    In Zanzibar, many issues are still taboo. Above all, political rivalry is associated with much hate and property destruction. While the Constitutions of Zanzibar revolutionary government and that of Tanzania allow for freedom of speech and the right to access information, many people in Zanzibar are haunted by their historical vows as it was before the revolution of 1964. Because these people still fear to speak out their minds, the whole democratisation process lives in the heads of a few politicians, while most Zanzibaris are still silent about their wishes.

  2. Kyela Community Information Access Centre (CMC)

    The difficulties to gain access to information and communication in rural Tanzania are well known: low level of ICT participation. According to the Ministry of Communication and Infrastructure, Tanzania has only 250 000 Internet users by 2006, and only 6.5 million GSM connections by 2007, out of the estimated 36 million population. High illiteracy rates among disadvantaged groups, especially women and the young, continue to limit the ability of people to lift themselves out of poverty.