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  1. Connecting Palestinian Youth in Nablus and Hebron by IPYL and MCRC

    The population in the Palestinian territories is overwhelmingly young and exposed to a significant amount of stress and violence on daily basis, economical and social hardship and exclusion affecting their opportunities and abilities to build meaningful lives. As a result of ongoing occupation, internal violence and lack of political horizon, the young Palestinians have a general feeling of loss of hope, isolation and being irrelevant, and are becoming more marginalized in the society and more radicalized than their parents.

  2. Empowering the media sector in Hebron

    This project, developed by the International Palestinian Youth League (IPYL) aims to empower the media in Hebron to increase awareness in the local community about participation in the democratic process.

  3. Studio for children's programmes at the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation (PBC)

    The improvement of children's and youth welfare will be an important part of community development, and play a major role in the future generation's building of Palestine through gain in self-confidence, acquiring positive attitudes and overcoming difficulties. The project is still being implemented and should be completed by early Spring 2006. UNESCO/IPDC however have already received positive evaluations from those involved in the project and members of the media community.