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As early as 1992, following the independence of Macedonia, the Skopje authorities started making attempts to establish an independent news agency, the Macedonian Information Agency (MIA). However, for various political and financial reasons, it was impossible to implement the project at the time, and it was only revived in 1998. Its aim was to create a national independent news agency in a country that so far had none. UNESCO's assistance was requested in October 1998 and approved by the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC), with an allocation of US$60,000 at...

Period: 1997-1998

The basic aim of the project was to improve the quality of training in various areas of journalism at the Journalism Faculty of the State University of Baku. This involved restructuring the study programme and providing up-to-date material for the radio and television school, together with print media desktop publishing (DTP) equipment.

The purpose of this project was to make available modern production equipment to programme-making staff of National Television of Armenia (NTA) and to organize hands-on training for the operating staff. The intention was thus to enable NTA to produce programmes to international standards and to allow for the exchange of television productions with other countries.

At the moment when the project was initiated and implanted Croatia had no independent TV station broadcasting on its territory. For this reason, UNESCO supported the creation of an independent TV production house permitting Croatia to participate in a news exchange programme in South East Europe. Furthermore, it gave the opportunity to journalists from the country to produce TV programmes without censorship and to bring Croatia nearer to its neighbouring countries where the programmes were broadcasted by independent TV-stations.


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