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IPDC Project source of funds: Funds in trust (FIT)

Specifically the project will address the following clearly articulated needs: The Information Deficit: There is a dramatic lack of reliable information in Afghan journalism, primarily through the dissemination of official press-release style information rather than reliable fact-based reporting through the Bakhtar Information Agency, and via BIA through the Afghan state TV and radio, newspapers and other media throughout the country. This project begins a process of fundamental reform of BIA into a reliable information resource for all Afghan media, while disseminating reliable reporting...

Artiletra is the only newspaper situated in the main city of the island of São Vicente. It aims to diversify its readership by addressing children's and young people's issues on a bi-monthly basis.

The Violeta B. de Chamorro Foundation (FVBCH) is in charge of the execution of this project. The FVBCH is a national and international organization, headquartered in Managua, Nicaragua, and its goal is to contribute to the construction of peace and to facilitate initiatives by the civil society for the poorest populations in Nicaragua. The Foundation also works to promote and maintain a Culture of Reconciliation, Peace and Democracy, through education, freedom of expression and actions directed at diminishing poverty. In order to execute the project, IPDC has made strategic alliances with...

Funded by a donation from Luxembourg of US $ 28,250.

Within the framework of the national strategy for the promotion of women through education, the improvement of health care, and development of the community, the project aims to promote the concept of participation and communication. The second phase of this project, initiated within the framework of a wider UNFPA project, is to strengthen the production capacity of the local radio station at Rosso on the Senegal River through the creation of a second studio destined for production, releasing the existing studio and its equipment for broadcasting purposes.

Period: 1999-2000

This project was implemented over the period 1996-2001.


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