IPDC project priority: Human Resource Development

Period: 1996-1998

To improve the standard of journalism in Kyrgyzstan by providing KNSU's Faculty of Journalism with desktop publishing and audiovisual equipment necessary for practical training in all areas of journalism: news reporting, programme production, ethics and media management.

Project approved in 1996.

The aim of this project was to meet the urgent need for retraining and in-service training of journalists in China, where recent economic and social changes have generated increased media activity. To this end several three-month training courses were organized for some one hundred senior journalists from the country's main newspapers' heads of department, editors in chief, international reporters, in order to help update their knowledge and their skills in modern journalism techniques. Theoretical input was ensured by arranging in Beijing a symposium on 'Journalism and the Market Economy...

The goal of this project was to contribute to training activities at EICTV (International Film and Television School) for film, video and television professionals in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa. The project also aimed to promote the endogenous potential in order to counteract the brain drain factor in this field.


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