IPDC project priority: Community Media Development

Radio Sagarmatha is the first independent radio in Nepal. It is a community-based, public service radio station on FM serving Kathmandu Valley. With 14 hours of daily transmission and a full day transmission on Saturdays, Nepal's Capital Region is supplied with programming oriented towards exploration and discussion of issues and presentation of the Nepali culture.

Period: 1994-1996

The project is aimed at enabling the Association of Radio Clubs of Niger (ARCN) to establish 50 new radio clubs in villages of their choice.

Tambuli represented an important effort to develop rural, independent and pluralistic communication in the isolated regions of the Philippines. this project had promoted appropriate communication facilities that stimulated the exchange of information among community members. Tambuli radio provoked major changes in Filipino local community life, in particular the elimination of gambling and the improvement of social life in communities. Tambuli Radio won the 1995 UNESCO-IPDC Rural Communication Prize.

This project was implemented over the period 1988-1991.

This project was implemented over the period 1986-1989.

Period: 1986-1991


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