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Countries: Micronesia (Federated States of)

In 2008, the Oceania Television Network (OTV) developed the Micronesian island of Palau's first ever television news programme, with the help of financial support from the IPDC. Since its launch, television news has become the primary source of information for the Palauan community - raising awareness and promoting discussion on important political, educational, environmental and social issues. With the exception of Palau however, much of Micronesia does not have access to television news, due to lack of resources in terms of equipment, staff, and training opportunities. This project will...

While the FSM does have some semblance of a mass media in the form of limited newspapers and international cable television, radio remains the most effective, affordable and accessible media forum for the majority of the population in the FSM, including Yap. Yap has only one government-run radio station, which also operates a free television channel provided to the State government through a cable television agreement with the FSM Telecommunications Corporation. Both the radio (AM and FM) and the television channel are operated by the Division of Media, which, for the most part, is free to...

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