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On January 17, 2005 the State Great Hural passed the Law on Public Radio and TV, which came into force on July 1st, 2005. It is important that the law be well understood by the Board members, leaders and staff of the Public Radio and TV. The establishment of public service broadcasting in Mongolia created a new era in the country's broadcasting system and offered new opportunities for the Mongolian public, including those vulnerable groups of population previously left out of the development process. A transition to a new culture of public service at the previously former state and local...

The Mass-line Media Centre (MMC), implementing this project, is a media-focused NGO established in 1995 to address some of the key issues faced by journalism and journalists in Bangladesh. The MMC's aim is to enhance the capability of the press to perform its core tasks, as well as to promote human rights and good governance, involving the safety of journalists themselves. This project proposal consists of five interlinked components. (i) First, the proposal seeks to increase the awareness of rural reporters about the journalistic code of ethical conduct (developed by the Bangladesh Press...

Journalistes En Danger (JED), an NGO created in 1998, works for the decriminalisation of crimes against the press in Central Africa, and thus contributes to the development of a free and pluralistic press within the region. The project encompasses two parts for the first year of a four-point, multi-phase global project in the nine-country region. This section of the project supports the provision of networks to monitor attacks on journalists and media, and encourages lobbying for the defence of journalists and media. The second aspect of the project is providing institutional assistance to...

The Union of Journalists aims to contribute to the development of strong and independent media in Tajikistan by setting up a Journalists' Resource Centre. The Centre will be equipped so as to allow media practitioners to learn computer skills, access international information through Internet, and photocopy their materials free of charge. A Legal Literature Library will be set up with materials on international and local media laws, democracy, human and journalists' rights, freedom of speech, etc. Equipment for the Centre and furniture for its Library are requested from IPDC. Furthermore,...

This project was implemented over the period 1996-2001.

This project was intended to complete radio coverage of Guinea-Bissau's national territory by including the southern part of the country. The plan includes the installation of a 1kW transmitter station at Catio, with a directional antenna allowing it to broadcast to the Bijagos archipelago and establish a rural radio network that would increase the population's involvement in the process of integrated rural development.

Implemented over the period 1987-1991.

This project was implemented over a ten-year period (from 1986-1996).


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