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Countries: Equatorial Guinea

In recent years the media environment in Equatorial Guinea has undergone a number of developments leading to greater freedom of expression and improved media freedom. However, unlike neighbouring countries which have witnessed a proliferation of media organizations, Equatorial Guinea has only two television channels, four radio stations, and a handful of newspapers which are not published on a regular basis. This is partly accounted for by a lack of trained media professionals, with less than 4% of those employed by the national television station (TVGE) having undergone university...

Owing to a lack of trained human resources, most media houses in Equatorial Guinea, be they state-run or private, are unable to maintain correspondents outside the towns in which their head offices are located. The RTVGE, the largest media outlet with a public-service remit in the country, has acquired new premises and state-of-the-art equipment over the last 5 years. Nonetheless, the main handicap facing the local media in general, and the RTVGE in particular, is the lack of appropriately trained human resources, due to the absence of structures providing training for media professionals...

Equatorial Guinea is at a vital stage of its democratic process, and for close to a decade now, the country has been experiencing a proliferation of ideas and opinions indicating that Equato-Guineans are enjoying a certain degree of freedom of expression, freedom of opinion and media pluralism, which are all tenets of democracy. However, despite the inclusion of these freedoms in the country's Constitution, democratic institutions are still very fragile and the protection of these rights is not always ensured. To consolidate this nascent democracy, the media, as a key player in any...

Implemented over the period 1992-1995.

Implemented over the period 1990-1994.

Implemented over the period 1986-1989.

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