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Training women journalists in ICTs and Gender

Year when project approved: 
Approved budget: 
US$22 660.00

Peruvian community media have become the voice of thousands of isolated or marginalized persons, significantly democratizing this media platform. In an effort to ensure that community communication services grow stronger, expand and improve in a quality manner, ILLA Education and Communication Center is seeking to train women journalists in key tools to navigate on the internet, create a website, use networks, platform 2.0, create an online radio, upload audio and video to cyberspace, manage blogs and create podcasts. Female journalists will also be trained on how to conduct their radio programmes with gender perspectives, to reduce sexist stereotypes in programming content and promote an approach to work based on equality. This project will elicit support from expert organizations from neighbouring countries where the community movement is well developed, in order to apply successful experiences or methodologies from other countries in community media in Peru.
The project will result in 50 female journalists and communicators from community radio stations in Peru acquiring skills in using ICTs and knowledge about gender equality to improve media programming and contents, through attending two training workshops lasting four days each. In addition, an online training platform will be set up to establish new sources of guidance in order to multiply the knowledge within the media community.

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ILLA Education and Communication Center
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ILLA Education and Communication Canter, constituted as a Non-Governmental Development Organization, has worked for the community sector since 1978. Its team of professionals from diverse specialties and disciplines share a common approach to working for communication, democracy and development. ILLA uses various forms, settings and media to reach rural and peri-urban population groups, achieving extensive coverage, social impact, influence in public opinion and policy advocacy. At present, it is collaborating closely with 300 community and educational radio stations nationwide, actively participating in networks of NGOs, journalists and community media, and pursuing campaigns and citizen consultations in various regions regarding sustainable development and democracy. It works to build the capacities of journalists from local radio stations to improve their contribution to developing their localities with equity, justice and transparency.

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Calle Torres Paz 1360, Oficina 404, Santa Beatriz – Lima, Peru

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Tel. 4717901
Location and contacts
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Rosa Maria Gonzalez

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Rosa Sueiro, Director of ILLA ( )

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