Training in the Use of Multimedia Tools and in Website Management

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The Agency has always offered its customers a rich and varied range of services, but, thus far, only in the form of text and/or photographs. TAP wishes to train media professional in all of its production units in new, multimedia copywriting techniques (text, images, sound). Such training would enable TAP to achieve its new objectives, achieving proficiency in the use of multimedia tools calls for specific technical and journalistic skills. As such, a skills-update programme for the Agency's personnel is essential. New information and communication technologies are a powerful instrument for achieving equitable access to sustainable development since they offer communication professionals the means of enriching a media landscape which can be accessed from anywhere and at progressively declining costs. The level of proficiency achieved in the use of these tools, through the skills-upgrade programme provided for in this project, will ensure that NICTs are put to use effectively, and will enable TAP to reduce its operating costs while at the same time enriching its output, thereby making the Agency more competitive. Through technical and journalism training, the Agency's personnel will acquire know-how in the use of new forms of news writing and broadcasting. The project entailing the setting up of production units specializing in digital and multimedia documents emerged following an audit conducted in July 2005 by Agence France-Press (AFP) experts and the resulting action plan. AFP experts will provide support for and monitor the implementation of this project. An AFP team of experts had already visited Tunis for 15 days in September-October 2005 to assist with the online publication of the TAP web site.

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354 TUN 5061

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Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP)
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Jaco Du Toit,;

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As a reduced budget was approved by the IPDC the duration of the training was reduced from 2 two-months training sessions and a one-month training session to 4 sessions of trainings of 1 week each. Twenty nine participants participated in the training. This project helped the Agency's personnel to acquire know-how in the use of new forms of news writing and broadcasting. The long term objective of the project included the use of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) and the media as important tools for achieving equitable access to sustainable development. The beneficiaries of the project were 8 documentalists trained in the principles of their profession, 6 journalists trained in multimedia copywriting, 8 journalists trained in digital photo editing and 7 engineers trained in Web 2.0.

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