Training of Trainers on the Standardised Diploma Level Curriculum for Journalism Training

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US$38 500.00

The reform of Tanzania's economic and political systems has had a major effect on its media industry, with massive private investment resulting in a proliferation of media outlets and the emergence of new media. The consequential increase in demand for journalists led to an upsurge in the establishment of media training institutions offering certificates and diplomas. Unfortunately however, the majority of these establishments did not adhere to the required standards of the National Accreditation Council for Technical Education (NACTE). In 2006, the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) set about addressing this issue, and began working with NACTE to standardize journalism training at the tertiary level. This resulted in a successful adaptation of UNESCO's Model Curricula for Journalism Education and the development of NACTE standards for journalism training. This project intends to build upon this work by developing and producing a training manual, and providing training to a group of 15 journalism educators in order to produce a team of expert curriculum trainers. A separate training course will then be conducted for 125 lecturers (at tertiary level) from ten journalism training institutions on the implementation and use of the standardized journalism curriculum. Ultimately, the delivery of this new curriculum will result in an improvement in the quality of journalism education being delivered within Tanzania, which in turn will lead to increased student satisfaction and assurance of knowledge, together with increased confidence on the part of media houses in the output quality of journalism schools.
OBJECTIVE To produce a training manual and provide training support to journalism educators in Tanzania in order to implement and deliver a new standardized journalism curricula, thus enhancing the quality of journalism education being delivered at diploma level.

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Media Council of Tanzania (MCT)
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The Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) is an independent, voluntary, non-statutory self regulatory body established by the media fraternity in 1995 at the Journalists and Stakeholders' Convention that was held in Dar es Salaam. It began operating in 1997 with the aim of assisting and maintaining freedom of the media in the United Republic of Tanzania.

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PO Box 10160 Dar es Salaam Tanzania

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+255 222 775 728 / +255 222 771 947
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Al-Amin Yusuph,;

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Mr Kajubi Mukajanga, Executive Secretary of MCT,;

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Dar es-Salaam

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