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Training professors for Masters programmes in the Andean region with emphasis on strategic use and social appropriation of ICTs

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Approved budget: 
US$31 900.00

In the Latin American region, an urgent need has been identified to provide training for professors in key areas of journalism, proposing four subjects from the UNESCO Model Curriculum:  Foundations of journalism, Multimedia journalism, Media legislation and Journalism ethics. These subjects will be taught both on-campus and virtually through the FELAFACS website, allowing professors to become familiar with ICTs, using digital platforms to upload documents, interacting and promoting contents on social networks, in order to then take advantage of this experience to replicate within their curricula. A recent mapping of teaching communication in Latin America and the Caribbean, conducted by the Latin American Federation of Schools of Social Communication (FELAFACS), together with UNESCO support, revealed that journalism training in the region is generally part of degree programmes in communication, which cover areas such as marketing, image or public relations, with little attention to specific professional journalism subjects.
This project will therefore address the issue by training professors in essential areas of journalism, so they can replicate the four selected modules of the Model Curriculum in their own countries. In this line, the project will ensure the equal participation of women and men, both in terms of participants and trainers. There is an urgent need to strengthen the professional and academic profile, to give new generations of students more updated knowledge, suited to the profession’s foundations. The project will build a venue for training, building knowledge and exchanging ideas for outstanding scholars, professors or researchers who are currently striving for quality education for journalists as a means of change and social transformation, through strategic use and societal appropriation of ICTs. Finally, the project will also seek to create a base of recommendations to enable these subjects to be applied by more universities in the Andean Region.

Project details
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Federación Latinoamericana de Facultades de Comunicación Social – FELAFACS
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Since its creation in 1981, The Latin American Federation of Schools of Social Communication (FELAFACS) has worked to strengthen and transform communication teaching via its Member Countries or associates. During its 30 years of existence the Federation has organized to date 13 Latin American Meetings of Schools of
Social Communication; accompanied and led over 300 seminars in 20 countries; participated in and promoted media research; tracked and characterized the offerings of educational centers or institutions related to this field; and has fostered the signing of international agreements favouring teaching education through study grants for Master’s or doctoral degrees in different countries.

Beneficiary address: 
Secretaria Ejecutiva, Facultad de Comunicación Social Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, Cali, Colombia. 3er piso / Ala Norte. Calle, 25 # 115 – 85 Km 2. Vía Cali – Jamundí

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(+057) (2) 318 8000 Ext. 11524 – 11894
Location and contacts
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Rosa Maria Gonzalez (

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Project contacts: 

Diana Marcela Escobar Aguirre, FELAFACS Project Coordinator (

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