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Strengthening teaching capacity at the Press and Information Science Institute in Tunis

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US$19 800.00

The crucial role played by the media in strengthening the democratic process and pluralism in Tunisia since January 14, 2011, is increasingly recognised by Tunisian society in general, and by the country's political and civil-society authorities in particular. The current situation calls for journalists who are highly competent and versatile. The need has become all the more pressing with the emergence of more than 112 new publications, and temporarily, 12 new radios (including 8 regional radios) on the media landscape. Not to mention the television channels and electronic journals which are expected to appear in the near future. There is therefore a need for well-trained journalists who can contribute to consolidating the democratic process in Tunisia.
This project will address this need by strengthening the teaching capacity of the IPSI faculty members who will be lecturing in 2 professional Master's programmes: one in audio-visual journalism and the other in electronic journalism. This will be done through the delivery of three separate 12-day training workshops in the fields of digital-radio journalism, digital-TV journalism, and electronic journalism.

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The Institut de presse et des sciences de l’information (IPSI)
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The Institut de presse et des sciences de l’information (IPSI - The Press and Information Science Institute) is one of the oldest university institutions in Tunisia, in African and in the Arab world. It is also the only state-run institution which trains information and communication professionals. The Institute operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

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(+216) 71 60 08 31
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Misako Ito (

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Mohamed Ali Kembi, Director of l’IPSI (

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