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Strengthening of the Rural Communication through Training in the Production and Transmission of Programs in Indigenous Languages and Spanish

Year when project approved: 
Approved budget: 
US$31 900.00

Radio XHFCE 105.5 FM La Voz de los Campesinos, former Radio Huayacocotla, is one of the few community radio broadcasts with legal permission that has survived the political and social struggle. Radio has been a communication link among the communities in this region, their cultural manifestation and their day-to-day life, their social issues as well as their projects and achievements. Communications in these areas are relatively restrained. This makes radio transmissions crucial for communication in the region. However, the radio for these communities represents more than a service for them, it represents a means of expression, information and promotion of the culture from and for these indigenous communities from the Sierra Norte de Veracruz and the way to receive complete world wide and local information (news) in their own language. The team of the radio needs a comprehensive training to have more tools and better support to keep doing their activities and to improve their capacity to produce weekly newscasts, indigenous languages and spanish programs, besides they are able to get well the formative and cultural needs of the indigenous of the region, it helps to create a social consciousness around freedom, their human rights, communication and information of the indigenous villages. The project will contribute to strengthening the technological, technical, communicative and transmission capabilities through the training of the producers/presenters, voluntary translators, technical specialists and correspondents for the communities´ reinforcement and awareness around their human rights and their cultural diversity through the use of the radio in the Nahua, Otomí and Tepehua regions. The project intends to provide Radio La Voz de los Campesinos with the capacity for the maintenance of radio equipment and improving the transmission of the programmes and to raise awareness in eighty communities from the Nahua, Otomí and Tepehua regions through the production of programs around their economic, social, cultural and environmental rights.

Project details
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Beneficiary name: 
Radio La Voz de los Campesinos 105.5 FM, Fomento Cultural y Educativo, A.C.
Beneficiary address: 
Miguel Laurent 340 Col. Del Valle C.P. 03100, México, D.F. Gutiérrez Nájera 7, 92600 Huayacocotla, Veracruz

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Beneficiary phone: 
Tel. +52(55)55596000 Fax. +52(55)55758357

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Location and contacts
Responsible UNESCO Regional advisers: 

Pauline Deneufbourg,;

UNESCO Field Office:

Project contacts: 

Ilse Fajardo, Fomento Cultural y Educativo, A.C.,;

Project place: 
Radio La Voz de los Campesinos, 105.5 FM
Follow-up and achievments
Summary of the project implementation: 

Three workshops will be conducted during the implementation of this project, on the subjects of: Technological training in recording and editing programs, and spots, newscasts; technological training in the console management; and technological training in the pro-tools management. A progress reprot was submitted to UNESCO San Jose in November 2010.