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Strengthening professional capacity at the Mauritanian Union of Female Media Professionals

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US$11 550.00

For a long time, the Mauritanian audio-visual sector was dominated by the two state-run media outlets - Radio Mauritanie and Télévision de Mauritanie, but with the July 2010 adoption by the National Assembly of a draft bill on the liberalisation of the audio-visual sector, the media landscape has begun to change. However, despite a rather favourable environment, the Mauritanian media is unable to take full advantage of the available opportunities due to a lack of specialist and quality training for media professionals. Mauritania's first journalism school is still in the design phase, and the lack of training is most acutely felt in the Mauritanian public-service media, which must now upgrade its human and technical resources to keep up with the competition in the audio-visual sector.
This project will address the issue by training 20 female members of the Union des femmes de media de Mauritanie (UFMM) in information law and journalism ethics and standards. This will enable them to exercise their professions in their respective media outlets, applying the principles of information law and adhering to the ethics and standards of the profession.

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Union des femmes de media de Mauritanie (UFMM)
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The Union des femmes de media de Mauritanie (UFMM) is an organization whose membership comprises almost all of the female media professionals in Mauritania. It was established in July 2010 and has as its objectives: the defence of female journalists' rights, the promotion of equity and equality of opportunity, and the promotion of female journalists' access to decision-making circles within media establishments. The UFMM actively collaborates with other syndicates, associations and bodies to promote the rights of media professionals, and is also involved in awareness campaigns to promote women's and children's rights.

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