Strengthening of the production capacity of the radio station 'FM Femmes'

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Within the framework of the national strategy for the promotion of women through education, the improvement of health care, and development of the community, the project aims to promote the concept of participation and communication. The second phase of this project, initiated within the framework of a wider UNFPA project, is to strengthen the production capacity of the local radio station at Rosso on the Senegal River through the creation of a second studio destined for production, releasing the existing studio and its equipment for broadcasting purposes.

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FM Femmes
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At the 20th session of its Council, IPDC approved US$25,000 for this project. However, it was subsequently submitted to DANIDA for financing and the Danish agency approved $33,000 for the equipment of this second studio. Radio Mauritanie has built the second studio and the equipment has been delivered and installed. Irregular electricity supply has proved somewhat of a problem in delivering daily broadcasting, but it is expected that this problem should be solved when the supply from the Manataly dam (serving Mali, Senegal and Mauritania) becomes fully operational.

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