Strengthening the Production capacity of Kayes rural radio

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US$20 900.00

The Republic of Mali boasts a legal framework which, since 1991, has fostered the emergence of a vibrant and diversified media sector. The country counts 300 hundred radio stations—associative, community and commercial—, 19 of which broadcast out of the Kayes region alone. The population of Mali is mainly rural: more than 85% of the country's inhabitants live in rural areas. The high illiteracy rate accounts for the fact that radio is still the most effective means of disseminating information, raising awareness and educating the general public.
The project's immediate objective is to provide 4 technicians, 3 presenters and 17 workers from the Kayes rural radio with ITC training to develop proficiency in setting up the digital environment required to improve radio production.

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Kayes rural radio
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Kayes Rural Radio is administered by ARKDR (Association of Kayes Radio Broadcasters for Rural Development), an apolitical, non-denominational, non-ethnic and non profit-making association made up of 15 farmer associations and NGOs. The radio has received support from the ASFM (Association for Franco-Malian Solidarity) in the form of a triennial subsidy. The radio has had a production agreement with the Institut Panos for 4 years.

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(+ 223) 66 72 61 35
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Rokia Ba, CI Adviser (

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Mr Darrar Ben Azour Maguiraga, Executive Director of Kayes rural radio (

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