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Strengthening Production Capabilities of Local TV Stations

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During the last decade, an increasing number of local television stations have emerged in Peru. Today, more than 130 TV channels have capacity to produce local programmes. As private or municipal stations, they compete with commercial channels from Lima, due to the constant decreasing prices of audiovisual communication equipment. They are expanding, but without being contaminated by the style and content of the major channels operating in Lima. The importance of the local news channels outside the capital is hardly perceived at the moment. These have very high-level ratings in their localities, but their impact is not yet taken into consideration in big cities like Lima. This project proposes to contribute to the production of local TV news programmes that guarantee true information, present new voices, respect plurality of opinions, give priority to decentralization and development issues, promote accountability and civil society's social-watching activities, and strengthen democracy and citizenship. For this purpose, TV Cultura intends to improve the positive qualities of the local channels by upgrading capabilities and professionalism of the press teams through a training process that will include modern methods and techniques for the production of news reports.To meet these goals, the project will build on previous experience with RED TV, a national TV network which gathers 135 local channels throughout the country. Staff members from local channels of the network have participated in 7 training workshops in which some elements of television for citizenship were worked out. These were conducted under the framework of various projects, such as: Democracy yesterday and today, National campaign for a responsible and informed vote and Television for citizenship. These projects constitute the backgrounds of the current proposal. They have demonstrated the possibility to produce programmes that encourage participation, educate, entertain and promote values and, in addition, that are appreciated by general public.

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This project concluded in October 2005. The first workshop for 42 television journalists was held in August 2004. Participants signed agreements for institutional collaboration and joined the RED TV NOTICIAS network. Follow-up monitoring missions to participants' stations took place and continue. In October 2004, a workshop on management was held for the network's channels. In February of 2005, 35 journalists from 27 RED TV member stations were trained in a three-day workshop focused on strengthening democracy through citizen vigilance and decentralization. On 30 August 2005 TV Cultura completed its web site on its history and providing information to the network members, including on projects the network is carrying out. There are also three virtual workshops on the website. TV Cultura has provided on DVD a video record of the workshops.

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The project met its objective to improve the news and information reporting of TV journalists working in local stations, mostly in rural Peru, as well as upgrading their technical production skills. The DVDs of the workshops enable the evaluation of the project and conclude that the workshops were well done. Red TV Noticias is facilitating co-productions and programme sharing, thus strengthening the participating stations' ability to provide both local and national news to their communities. This project was executed and achieved its anticipated results of strengthening the technical and news reporting capacities of local TV stations in Peru. (Project completed)