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Strengthening journalists’ capacity to access public information

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US$12 000.00

Most local and regional media outlets in Peru have very limited financial, technical and professional resources, which negatively affects production quality. Journalists lack knowledge about the Law of Access to Public Information and make few requests for information on sensitive state issues such as corruption. Given that journalists can play a central role in acting as watchdogs and stimulating public debate, it is essential to promote access to public information. This project shall therefore work with journalists and lawyers to develop a special programme for requesting the declassification of public information 

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Instituto Prensa y Sociedad, IPYS, based in Lima, Peru, was created in 1993. It is an association that promotes freedom of information and an independent press. In order to achieve this, it monitors and reports on the situation of the press and freedom of expression in several Latin American countries. It also elaborates specialized studies on the topic in these countries and promotes the debate about the role of the media and investigative journalism. IPYS’s members are renowned journalists with extended work experience. They form a group with no commitments to unions, businesses, political or ideological groups. IPYS reacts against limitations, aggressions or attacks against the press and the freedom of expression. On defending journalistic guarantees, IPYS bears in mind that they were established so that the public may be informed, and that the press’s first responsibility is towards society, over the many other interests that usually besiege the task of providing information. The institute runs a network of monitors in 10 of Peru’s regions. Their reports are published as alerts and articles in the institutional webpage ( and in the webpage of the International Freedom of Expression Exchange IFEX. Additionally, it develops a vigorous training and support program for investigative journalists in Latin America. IPYS has three programs: (1) Press Freedom; (2) Access to information; and (3) Investigative Journalism. During the last 13 years it has carried out a wide range of investigations and training on investigation, access to information and the coverage of public issues for journalists regionally. Its solid local alliances in Andean countries guarantee the success of this initiative. In Peru it has ten correspondents in the main region. Finally, its technological platform and its staff’s capacities make it easy to achieve the objectives.

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Jr. Colina 113, Barranco Lima

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(511) 2474465

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The execution of this project was delayed due to administrative issues associated with changes in the Terms of Reference and bank data . Following up on agreements with counter-parties, schedules of the Terms of Reference have been modified to guarantee smooth project implementation, quick response time in administrative procedures and comply with the agreements made. The counter-party presented the first deliverable scheduled in the Terms of Reference, which consist of the execution schedule and budget distribution for activities.