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Strengthening Community Media Capacities in Jaimanitas Community

Year when project approved: 
Approved budget: 
US$16 500.00

According to 2010 reports, Cuba produces more than 790 specialized periodical publications on specific topics, with over a quarter existing in digital or electronic form. In spite of the relatively low internet access rate among the Cuban population (14.2% in 2009), these electronic publications are also diffused through external drives and devices such as cell phones and flash drives, therefore providing a vital means of increasing public knowledge on such resources and improving access to the circulating information. The focus of this project is on developing the media of the Jaimanitas community, situated on the coast not far from the Cuban capital of Havana. The members of this community, comprised mainly of fishermen, crafts makers and artists, possess a strong sense of belonging and tradition. For this reason, it would be useful to develop a local media outlet from which locals could voice their concerns, express their needs, and share knowledge. The project will result in the creation of a well-equipped info center, complete with the necessary facilities to produce news and multimedia contents. Training workshops will be delivered to 80 community members on ICT production of multimedia and community journalism, and a digital publication will then be produced reflecting various topics related to social and cultural aspects of the community, together with a systemized dossier to allow replication of the entire experience. OBJECTIVE To train 80 members of the Jaimanitas community on ICT production of multimedia and community journalism; and to create an info center from which community members will produce a digital magazine as well as providing a venue for accessing and sharing knowledge.

Project details
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Community Center Playa VI - Jaimanitas
Beneficiary description: 

The Jaimanitas community centre was built in 2005 and forms one of 612 info centers across Cuba, playing a decisive role in the socio-cultural life of the community by giving citizens possibilities for individual development.

Beneficiary address: 
Calle 3era A y 242 Jaimanitas La Habana Cuba

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Beneficiary phone: 
+537 272 0616
Location and contacts
Responsible UNESCO Regional advisers: 

Isabel Viera,;

UNESCO Field Office:

Project contacts: 

Ernesto Rodríguez, Vice-president, JCCE (Infocenters Youth Clubs),

Project place: 
Jaimanitas Community, Havana