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Strengthening capacity at the web radio 'Voix de Femmes'

Year when project approved: 
Approved budget: 
US$15 400.00

Article 14 of Algeria's Information Act (no. 90-07 of April 3, 1990) provides for the freedom of all periodical publications. The abolition of the State's monopoly on print media brought in its wake a proliferation of publications. Several publications, however, are subject to the influence of political and business interests, which subverts their editorial independence. Furthermore, the State monopoly in the audio-visual sector continues to remain in force, after timid signs of opening up in 1990 and later in 1997. Although the absence of pluralism at the national level is compensated for by the emergence of foreign satellite television, this mode of media consumption is at the detriment of national and local news. Against this background, the associative web radio, 'Voix de femmes', which is run by the national association of female media workers, Femmes en communication (FEC), will attempt to fill this vacuum of democratic expression, but at the same time with an in-depth focus on gender-equality issues.
This project will the community web radio, Voix de femmes, by strengthening the capacity of the staff through training in various radio-programme production techniques and upgrading the equipment. It will also involve launching a series of programmes (reports, interviews, portraits, debates and informational content) on the condition of women and other related topical issues.

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Femmes en Communication (FEC)
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The association, Femmes en communication (FEC), was officially founded in March 1995. The FEC has contributed to strengthening women's rights through local initiatives aimed at young women, and by advocating an amendment of the Family Code, which considers Algerian women as minors for life.

Beneficiary address: 
Association nationale femmes en communication, 1 rue Bachir Attar 1er mai Tahar Djaout, 16 000, Alger, BP 323, place du 1er mai, Alger, Algeria

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(+213) 21663635
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Misako Ito (

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Yasmina Medani, Coordinator (

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