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Strengthening the capacity of Radio Bintumani

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US$22 000.00

The level of media development in Sierra Leone has over the years improved significantly. Media pluralism and liberalization of the media landscape in Sierra Leone has given rise to the establishment of several local news papers and radio stations nation-wide. There are about eighty registered newspapers in the Western Area even though not all are operational. In Sierra Leone there is only one public service broadcaster (SLBC) and about fifty Private/Community radio stations including Radio Bintumani. These radio stations have various types of programming and format based on their locations and target audience. Radio Bintumani is one such station established as a community station to serve the koinadugu district. As the only radio station in that district, there is a dire need to ensure that the capacity of the radio station is developed to enable the station meet the informational needs of the community. 
The purpose of the project is to upgrade the standard of the community radio station (Bintumani Radio) that is serving the entire Koinadugu District so that the voices of the people in that district will be brought to the national platform through the Independent Radio Network, IRN of which Radio Bintumani is a member.

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Radio Bintumani
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Radio Bintumani started operation in 2003. The mission of radio is to educate, inform and entertain the community people. It has eleven board members representing the eleven chiefdoms in the district. The paramount chief of each chiefdom appoints a member from his chiefdom to be a Board member. These people work with the manager directly and are also responsible to hold meetings quarterly. They oversee the governance of the stations by formulating policies and give direction to the management who are responsible for the daily operations. The management comprises the manager who is the head of the radio station, the production officer, assistant manager, the finance officer and the sales clerk, studio coordinator, broadcasters and technicians.

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Ronald David Kayanja (

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Koinadugu District

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