Strengthening the Capacity of the Angola News Agency

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Created in 1976, the Angola Press Agency (ANGOP) was for a great part of its existence used as the propaganda instrument of the one-party state. However, after the democratization process and the introduction of a multiparty system in 2002, ANGOP became the provider of news for all media in the country. In order to promote equal access to information, freedom of expression and media pluralism, ANGOP is soon to be transformed into a parastatal company. This project aims to equip the Angola Press Agency with a functional and cost-effective news management, archiving and distribution system, to improve the capacity of its staff, and to provide advice to government on how to adapt media legislation to democratic principles. Thanks to these actions, the media will be in a better position to act as the people's watchdog and to 'give a voice to the voiceless' by affording people from rural areas an opportunity to participate in the democratic process through the media.

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Angola Press Agency (ANGOP)
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The Angola Press Agency - public company, known by the acronym ANGOP was created in Luanda in July 1975 and its first dispatch was issued on 30 October 1975. ANGOP's objectives are centred on the collection, treatment and distribution of news, with exclusivity status, in Angola and abroad, based on an information service that is objective on national and international current issues. It supplies up-to-date information, through electronic means, internet or e-mail, directly or through other agreed forms, to national and foreign press organs, in accordance with duly signed compromises.

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