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The Smallholder Farmers Rural Radio

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In the absence of community and rural radio stations, the Smallholder Farmers Rural Radio is a major initiative that will benefit the rural poor farmers living in rural and isolated communities that have no access to the media, and in communities that daily newspapers do not reach. Since there are no agricultural extension services, the Smallholder Farmers Rural Radio aims at building the agricultural capacity and know-how of rural farmers in the disadvantaged communities of Imo State. The community radio has proven to be an effective tool to massively communicate with the underprivileged population living in isolated areas that are excluded from the mainstream of the mass media facilities. The Smallholder Farmers Rural radio is specifically designed for farmers. It shall elaborate and present programmes in the local Igbo language; this will enable the farmers acquire sustainable and modern agricultural and farming techniques. The radio shall give them access and linkage to national and international markets, to finance and micro credit facilities for their agricultural production and sustainability, and access to a Question and Answer service which will deal with pertinent questions concerning agricultural production. By building the skills capacity of the rural farmers, the radio shall serve as a medium for agricultural extension services, and provide farmers living in isolated communities with the know-how and information they need to ensure food security and work their way out of poverty and malnourishment. The Smallholders Foundation has undertaken a qualitative and quantitative baseline survey showing community radio as an effective tool in boosting rural agricultural productivity and income. This is based on the request expressed by the rural farmers for whom the Foundation works. The Foundation has spearheaded efforts and designed programmes that promote environmentally sustainable pro-poor agricultural practices among rural farmers.

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The Smallholders Foundation, Owerri, Imo State
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Awu, Imo State

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Awu, Imo State

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