SAKS Foundation: Assistance to Community Radios for the Development of Pluralism

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US$21 010.00

Community media in Haiti is forced to contend with lack of funding, lack of equipment, and lack of training. In recent years, great progress has been made by the SAKS Foundation in tackling these issues in the creation of community radio stations and Community Multimedia Centres (CMCs). These provide an essential means for local community members to exercise freedom of expression, learn remotely, and develop opportunities for research, multicultural activity and communication. The devastating effects of the 2010 earthquake severely impinged these development attempts, but this project aims to build upon the encouraging results of the last four years, thus contributing to the rebuilding of the country. The immediate objective of the project is to strengthen SAKS' capacity to deliver training to the 30 community radios already present in Haiti, and to set up a new community radio station. It will involve the training of youths in the use of ICTs, training of media professionals in communication and journalism techniques (including specific training on election campaign coverage), as well as providing improved internet access through multimedia centres, thus giving remote populations the chance to access information on national and international events on a daily basis. OBJECTIVE To train at least 160 youths in the use of ICTs and run separate training courses in journalism techniques, community radio management and election campaign coverage, as well as providing financial assistance and equipment to existing radio stations in Haiti and creating a new community radio station to serve the 18,000 inhabitants of Ile-à-Vache.

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SAKS Foundation (Sosyete Animasyon Kominikasyon Sosyal)
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The SAKS Foundation has been involved in setting up community radios in Haiti for the past 18 years. Since being founded, SAKS has set up some 30 stations in the country's 10 departments. In 2006, the Foundation began a vast programme to promote Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) at the grassroots level, setting up several Community Multimedia Centres around community radio stations in rural areas. This programme has received financial support from several partners, including IPDC-UNESCO. SAKS is also responsible for the organization of International Creole Day, the largest national cultural and artistic event on Creole language, media and culture.

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34, rue Dalencourt. Bourdon. BP 15639 PV, Haiti. Ht-6140

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+509 514 0444 / +509 245 6422
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Mehdi Benchelah,;

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Sony Esteus, Secretary-General of the SAKS Foundation,;