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Rural Radio for the Youth and Women of Bukavu

Year when project approved: 
Approved budget: 
US$26 400.00

Although the war has now ended in many parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the Sud-Kivu province continues to endure confrontation between rival groups, with women and young people among the main victims subjected to rape, mutilation and other acts of extreme violence. The absence of community media combined with the expense of other forms of media in this area mean that many of its largely impoverished inhabitants do not have access to information. This project aims to give a voice to these individuals by setting up a radio station capable of serving thirteen villages around Bukavu. In doing so, the necessary equipment will be provided and installed, and a three-week course on ethics, code of conduct and training methods will be conducted involving 45 community members. A separate six-day training course will also be organized, focusing on the production of broadcasts aimed at young people. This training will be delivered to a target group consisting mainly of women and young victims of abuse and will provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to research topics of relevance to community members and produce radio programmes which incorporate this relevant information. In successfully setting up the radio station, the project will help to promote the participation of the communities surrounding Bukavu in the development process. OBJECTIVE To provide the necessary equipment and training to set up a rural radio station to serve thirteen villages around Bukavu, run by a group of fifteen female community members capable of producing radio programmes on relevant issues within the community.

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ROAR CONGO NETWORK (RCN) is a non-profit association established in Bukavu in 2008. The activities of RCN are financed by contributions from members, with the proceeds from commercial activities enabling the organization to mobilize funds to reach its objectives.

Beneficiary address: 
144 Avenue P.E.Lumumba Commune d'Ibanda Province Sud-Kivu Bukavu RDC
Beneficiary phone: 
+243 99876 5276
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Michel Kenmoe,;

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Placide Bagalwa, Director of RCN,;

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