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Radioteca: Multicultural Platform of Audio

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Commercial radio stations predominate within the Latin America media scene. However, the presence of local and community radios (indigenous, juvenile, scholar, university and peasant) which respond to civil society's interests is growing up. Local and community radios do have a free and pluralistic mission and vision. Nevertheless, the limitation of their own production and insufficient of income make it difficult to disseminate these values, and compel them to a weak and fragmented programming. RADIOTECA intends to enrich and support the programming of local and community radios. It will be possible through the Internet, the main partner, which will facilitate and strengthen the exchange of formats and productions of all type. In the field of information, local and community radios will have access to a wide offer of material, especially by the means of Internet. In Latin America, numerous sound and radio productions respond to the highest human values and technical quality. Most of them are isolated or forgotten in the archives of many radio stations. Even if they are recorded in analogical formats, they can be recovered and put on-line. They must first be digitised (copied, cleaned, compressed) and catalogued. After what they will be available on the RADIOTECA site. At least three conditions will be demanded to the productions for acceptance in the RADIOTECA catalogue: their value contents, their relevance and their technical quality. Productions that promote religious or political groups' propaganda will not be accepted. Either will not be accepted those that do not consider human rights. Material regarding key topics and which goes beyond the mass-media scope will be a priority for RADIOTECA. The implementing body RADIALISTAS has a performing equipment, suitable for the implementation of the RADIOTECA project. Due to the expected high rate of connections, a dedicated server will be a priority.

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354 RLA 5062

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Radialistas Apasionadas y Apasionados
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Andrew Radolf,;

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