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Radio Nai Training (2010)

Year when project approved: 
Approved budget: 
US$38 500.00

Radio provides a platform for discussion and processing information for the population. With print media unable to reach the illiterate majority and with television still powerless to break through to the majority of the population it has been left to Radio to emerge as the prominent media serving the people from the cities right down to the communities of Afghanistan. Reach remains the sector's largest problem, but sets are within the reach of even many poor families and run off batteries, and there is a long tradition of listening to radio in Afghanistan. Despite efforts undertaken by the media to accurately report on Afghanistan daily realities, serious threats on press freedom are present, thus impeding the Afghan population to access the objective, independent and reliable information that is needed for citizens to fully participate in the democratic process. Today, journalists in Afghanistan lack the security, independence and access to information they need to fulfil their professional duties in the best and impartial manner. And Afghan society at large does not fully appreciate the key role that media plays in a democratic society. Numerous attacks and intimidations, restriction on access to information and restrictive media laws impede the well functioning of the profession, thus leading to self-censorship and depriving the Afghan population of the information they need to fully participate in the democratic process. The specific project objective is to promote the democratic process in Afghanistan by strengthening the media's role in campaigning for greater press freedom and independence. The focus will be on improving news presenting on radio, promoting agreed standards of press freedom in a democracy, promoting improved media reporting of elections, post election and politics, improving of entertainment broadcasting quality. Expected project outputs include the establishment of news and entertainments sections and training for approximately 110 journalists from Kabul and provinces in journalism, news presenting, DJ presenting, and basic computer skills.

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Project details
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Source of funds:

Beneficiary name: 
NAI supporting Open Media in Afghanistan
Beneficiary address: 
Darullaman Main Road, Kabul

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Beneficiary phone: 
+93 700298637

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Location and contacts
Responsible UNESCO Regional advisers: 

Sayed Habibullah, s.habibullah@unesco.orgk;

UNESCO Field Office:

Project contacts: 

Mr A. Wahid Hashimi,;

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Follow-up and achievments
Summary of the project implementation: 

45 radio journalists has attended trainings on different topics: Cool edit, Radio production, DJ and Media and its responsibilities. The radio staff set up a news section and music sections and trainees are now being sent to press conferences as well as running round tables with some exclusive interviews. NAI radio Staff produce 22 programs in daily, weekly and bi-weekly formats which go on air according to the broadcasting schedule. Five new educational and entertainment programs have been produced and will be going on air soon. Throughout the project activities NAI attracted more listeners and audiences and this has become clear from the number of incoming telephone calls (40-50 daily) from the audience expressing their willingness and interest in listening to NAI radio, which is an outcome of the previous UNESCO-IPDC funded project for upgrading the NAI radio transmitter.

Achieved outputs: 
The training courses are still on schedule and so far around 43 Journalists including 5 female from provincial stations and 8 male Journalists were invited form Kabul stations have been trained at NAI's training center. Provincial journalists were invited from Faryab, Samangan, Takhar, Badakhshan, Bamyan, Ghazni, Hirat, Wardak, Kapisa, Loar and Panjshir provinces. The topics covered were Basics of Journalism, DJ, Radio Production and Cool Edit. NAI has been providing its facilities for both practical and theoretical purposes to the trainees, who have learnt how to present a music programme, create play lists and archives, live shows, live desk with the presence of audiences who are working with diverse Afghanistan media outlets. The training courses have focused on strengthening the capacity of the participating journalists to develop quality media outlets.