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Radio and democracy: Participation of the disadvantaged and and excluded sectors of the Peruvian society in the decentralisation process

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This project is being implemented by the Coordinadora Nacional de Radio (CNR), a non-profit civil association that coordinates more than 70 communal and educational radios in Peru. The project´s objective is to provide training in order to strengthen the production capacities of 16 community and educational radios of the CNR network; it also intends to enhance their role as social actors offering information to citizens and promoting dialogue and civic participation. A strong emphasis will be put on providing greater access to information to the citizens of disadvantaged and excluded sectors of Peru, and promoting their participation in the decentralisation process, which started in 2001.

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Coordinadora Nacional de Radio (CNR)
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CNR has already carried out four training workshops in the North, East, Center and South of Peru. The workshops, which were for both Spanish and Quechua speaking radio practitioners, covered themes related to the decentralization process in the country and citizen participation in local development and decision-making. CNR has also begun producing electronic bulletins on the decentralization process and regional integration, as well as opinion and analysis programmes. Finally, CNR has begun compiling information for the training manual envisaged by the project.We have two progress reports and project is moving ahead well. The final report should include recordings of radio programming produced from the training, as well as the training manual.From the reports received so far, the project is advancing and achieving its objective of improving the reporting abilities of the participating journalists. The training manual foreseen for the project should also contribute capacity building for radio journalists in Peru. If the project can sustain this pace of implementation, it should successfully conclude at the end of February 2006. (Dec 2005)

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