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Puntland Community Broadcasters' Training

Year when project approved: 
Approved budget: 
US$13 970.00

Somalia's plight is reflected in its media: undeveloped, fragmented and often partisan, poorly resourced, professionally and technically inadequate and operating in an atmosphere hostile to free expression and often dangerous. In spite of this, diverse and more professional media outlets have emerged in recent years, in particular FM radio stations with no explicit factional links. The TV and press sectors are weak and radio is the dominant medium. Radio Galkayo depends on its dedicated volunteer staff with very limited financial and capacity-building support. The lack of staff training on basic journalism, report writing, human rights, conflict analysis skills and institutional management capacity hindered the radio to develop professional and proper ethical broadcasting. The two FM and short-wave transmitters with very low transmission power donated by the Somali Diaspora and the scarce financial contributions from Puntland administration and Somali communities mean that many of its awareness-raising programmes on peace-building, reconciliation, human rights and protection of marginalised and vulnerable groups fail to reach a number of communities, especially those living in nearby villages and rural areas. This project aims at providing professional training, with the support of the Radio Netherlands Training Centre (RNTC), to Somali community radio journalists to improve their capacity to report in a conflict environment. It intends to contribute to development objectives by encouraging the establishment of a long and lasting peace in Somalia and developing education programmes free of any political or religious implication; encouraging democracy and the establishment of good governance; and improving and empowering human rights and the freedom of speech. Key project outputs include training for 20 Somali journalists in advance reporting and broadcast skills training provided by RNTC.

Project details
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Radio Galkayo
Beneficiary description: 

Radio Galkayo is the oldest community radio based in Puntland State of Somalia. It started as a national short-wave broadcaster in 1993. In 2009, Radio Galkayo established an FM community radio in Garowe and would like to establish a similar community radio station in Bosasso. From 1993 to 2009, the skills of the staff have increased, as various international NGOs supplied assistance by providing radio equipment and staff training. Radio Galkayo was the first broadcast media in northeast Somalia (known today as Puntland), and its example was a key in helping to create the current Radio / TV industry that had been previously non-existent.

Beneficiary address: 
Galkayo, Puntland

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Location and contacts
Responsible UNESCO Regional advisers: 

Hezekiel Dlameni,;

UNESCO Field Office:

Project contacts: 

A. G. Abdulle and Hassan Mohamed Jama - Board of Directors, Radio Galkayo,

Project place: 
Galkayo, Puntland

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Follow-up and achievments
Summary of the project implementation: 

The project implementation process commenced in July 2010 with consultation between Radio Galkayo (implementers) and the training partners the Press Now of Netherlands. Following some delays in the commencement of the project implementation, the workshop organization is underway. Press Now is providing the trainer who has prepared the workshop programme and other training materials. The training courses have commenced and bring together groups of radio journalists according to their locations in Puntland and Somaliland. The project is ongoing

Achieved outputs: 
? The course programme and the training materials have been prepared ? In consultation with the partners the trainers have already been identified and are currently carrying out the training ? Trainings in report writing, human rights reporting, conflict-sensitive reporting and media institutional management currently taking place in Puntland, Somalia