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Promotion of Palestinian women's views in the news

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US$9 350.00

The Palestinian Basic Law of 2003 includes guarantees related to press freedom, media pluralism and the protection of journalists; yet these have not been accompanied by enforcement measures ensuring their respect in practice. According to Reporters without Borders, Palestine ranked 153 over 179 in the freedom of the press index. The IREX Media Sustainability Index reports that in 2008 Palestine experienced a worsening situation. Evident progress in free-press advocacy, increased professionalism, and new media businesses may be too recent to judge sustainability.

The news market in Palestine and in the region is dominated by a male perspective whereby women are considered passive recipients of content, in which they rarely act as positive protagonists. Women’s image is often stereotyped, and news tends to focus on topics that portray women as victims of violence and abuse. Women are rarely news-producers and presenters. Furthermore, limitations related to the political situation and social norms undermine press freedom and often cause self-censorship among journalists. A recurrent example is self-censorship about honour killings, which are often reported as suicide or accidental death. According to this media context, dominated by a male perspective, social media plays an important role to guarantee the Palestinian population the right to be informed in an unbiased and objective manner, and to receive news from a plurality of perspectives in order to make their own opinions based on facts.

This project will address the issue by providing training to women reporters in order to provide the Palestinian population with gender-sensitive, unbiased and accurate daily news, including through the use of social media (facebook, twitter).

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NISAA FM – Broadcasting company
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NISAA FM is the first commercial women’s radio station and website in the Middle East, a project launched late 2009 by Maysoun Odeh Gangat and the Womanity Foundation. It caters for women as well as men across generations, social statuses and geographic distances by offering a platform of cultural and social information, discussion and entertainment, and by voicing women’s aspirations and opinions. It overcomes boundary walls and cultural segregation and connects women to a supportive community that showcases inspirational models and promotes their empowerment. At the same time, it transforms the perception of women’s role in their society by underlining their social engagement, successes and creativity. Furthermore, the radio employs and trains women in the media industry, a field largely dominated by men.

NISAA FM broadcasts in Arabic worldwide from since December 2009, on 96.0 FM for the central West Bank of Palestine since June 2010, on 96.2 FM for the Northern West Bank since December 2010 and on 92.2 FM for the Southern territories. NISAA FM’s studios are based in Ramallah.

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Ramallah - Irsal - Qasr Building

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Tel : +970 2 295 1983

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Maysoun Odeh Gangat, Manager of NISAA FM (

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West Bank and Gaza

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