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Promotion of Investigative Journalism

Year when project approved: 
Approved budget: 
US$24 200.00

Due to the absence of journalist training and the attitude of press bodies, in-depth investigative journalism is rare in the Angolan press. The project aims to create a core of motivated journalists in the printed press and electronic forms of media who are familiar with investigative journalism, and to train them to proficiency in this specialty. Trainers and professionals in investigative journalism will train thirty active journalists (of which 10 are women) during three one-week workshops, sensitize twelve to fourteen people with higher press responsibilities in the framework of a symposium in Luanda, and elaborate a study program for CEFOJOR.

Project details
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Budget code: 
354 ANG 5091

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Beneficiary name: 
Centre de Formation des Journalistes (CEFOJOR)
Location and contacts
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Jaco du Toit,;

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Follow-up and achievments
Summary of the project implementation: 

The 2-day workshop took place in Luanda in January 2011. The training targeted around 30 journalists (mainly coming from rural areas) who were trained in investigative journalism. CEFOJOR had previously evaluated training needs in Angola, and investigative journalism was considered a high priority given that it is rare within the Angolan press due, among other reasons: to the absence of specific training (in investigative journalism) and to the strategy of the newspapers and radio broadcasters. Therefore, the workshop aimed at creating sensitized journalist with regard to the importance of investigative journalism for transforming society, as well as at providing journalists with the necessary skills and techniques for them to develop a journalism of that kind. The financial statements of the project and final report are being awaited. This workshop acted as a pilot project within the broader goal of CEFOJOR of improving and increasing investigative journalism in Angola, and UNESCO's one of promoting media development in order to contribute towards strengthening free, independent and pluralistic media. It is foreseen that it will be replicated.