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Meiganga Community Multimedia Centre

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The creation of private and FM community radios has been encouraged in Cameroon since the promulgation of the mass media law in 1990 followed by the liberalization of the media landscape in 2000 after the publication of the text of application. However, despite this liberalization, access to the new information and communication technologies in Cameroon remains limited to the main metropolitan areas of Douala and Yaounde. In response to the lack of appropriate mass media structures, the aim of Radio Tikiri FM is to transform itself into a community radio equipped with a Multimedia Centre based in Meiganga, in the Adamaoua Province of Cameroon. UNSECO is currently installing fifteen community radios with a view to strengthening the democratic process and further enriching the media landscape in Cameroon. In this regard, Tikiri FM community radio will develop activities that can play a significant role in poverty alleviation. As a Community Multimedia Centre, Radio Tikiri FM will face numerous challenges related to computer literacy as mastery of the French language among the adult and young population of the northern regions is low. These challenges will be faced by organizing free training sessions and producing multilingual radio programmes that promote a democratic culture and influence an increase in the participation of rural women and young people in social discourse and decision-making. The project is aimed primarily at young people (male and female) and rural women irrespective of the type of activity they are engaged in or their level of education.

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The following activities were conducted: (i) Computing and multimedia equipment acquired and installed; (ii) Training seminar held for radio presenters on how to design and produce radio programmes; (iii) Training seminar held for technicians on equipment maintenance; (iv) Training session held for members of the management committee; (v) Training in radio broadcasting and IT organized for young people.Radio Tikiri FM went on air in July 2004 and broadcasts in the French, Gbaya, Hausa, Foulfoulde and Mbere languages. With its 250-Watt transmitter, Tikiri FM can beam its signal to listeners within a radius of around 80 km and has a potential audience of around 150,000 people. The multimedia centre, equipped with 6 computers and a television set, can currently only function as a public secretarial service, since for technical reasons the Internet connection has not yet been established. The initial plan to connect the Internet access point via a fibre optic line in the area did not materialize and no alternative solution has thus far been envisaged. The multimedia centre is however open and already generates considerable revenue. Young people from the surrounding areas have access to basic computer training for a small fee.

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