La Voix de Dienga

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US$24 200.00

Due to geographical barriers (enclaves, dense forest,?), the radio broadcasting media cannot cover the entire national territory, or at least inhabited zones. The Dienga district and its environs is in one of these uncovered zones. What this means is that only a fraction of the population has access to information, and then with great difficulty. Community radio is therefore seen as an effective alternative for enabling public access to information. While the press receives grants from the State, this is not the case for radio and television. As such, despite the importance of community radios, it is generally difficult to secure funding to set them up. Nevertheless, although initial funding is very difficult to obtain, the experience of other community radios shows that the populations will generally support the radio when they become operational. Thus, drawing on the experience of other community stations, this project has been undertaken to provide the populations of Dienga with access to information. La Voix de Dienga (VDD) would like to following the footsteps of other successful radios such as RACOM. It is the fruit of a long process of reflection and exchange between the youth and a handful of community leaders from the Dienga District who wish to provide the local population with a tribune for free and fair expression. It sees itself as a community tool which will be used for education and to better promote the local rural environment and its considerable economic assets due to the richness of the land. The rural and community radio, La Voix de Dienga, will produce programmes catering to the needs of the community, but will also serve as a means for heightening awareness on issues of common interest. Thanks to the station, the populations in this district will no longer have to wait until they go into town, or until they receive visitors from town, to get news. Immediate objectives of the project are: La Voix de Dienga will possess production and broadcasting equipment; the technicians employed at La Voix de Dienga will be trained and operational; and programmes from the national radio station, RTG-1, will be relayed by La Voix de Dienga.

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354 GAB 5081

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The rural radio, La Voix de Dienga
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B.P. 1676 Libreville

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(241) 07 03 26 26 / 07 99 78 94

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Michel E. Kenmoe,;

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Fabrice Nguiabama-Makaya,;

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Dienga District, Ogooué-Lolo Province

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La Voix de Dienga received authorization to relay the national radio station on May 2009. The project started with the construction of a house to host the radio station, which had not been foreseen and has required adjustments in the work plan. All of the studio equipment required for the radio station has been acquired. This includes a console, microphones, K7 and DVD players, furniture, headphones, transmitter (300 Watts) and antenna systems. The installation, expected by end of March 2011, will assure the commencement of training, scheduled to start in April 2011. The license to broadcast, completion of the building and the acquisition of equipment is making La Voix de Dienga a welcome reality. The building was totally financed by the radio promoters. The contract for equipment installation was granted to technicians from national radio Station (RTG1) and this has contributed to the establishment of a good relationship between the national radio station and La Voix de Dienga.