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Jordan Media Institute, JMI

Year when project approved: 
Approved budget: 
US$45 100.00

Although there is a proliferation of media entities in Jordan, the caliber of news, analyses and investigative reporting is below standard for lack of proper expertise in the arena of journalism. This has led the Jordanian government to slow down the process towards freedom of the press and access to information. In spite of official enthusiasm for media reform in Jordan, this hasn't yet translated into full legislative support for media freedoms. While the Press and Publications Law has undergone several amendments aimed at widening the margins of press freedoms, journalists can still be taken to court and imprisoned under the Penal Code. The sector also still struggles against a backdrop of interference by security services, official censorship, self censorship, nepotism/corruption, and a lack of mentoring to guide the next emerging generation of journalists. Committed to the idea of lifelong learning, the Jordan Media Institute seeks support from IPDC to develop its curriculum in order to provide quality education to aspiring and established journalists. The academic, professional and hands-on curriculum will offer students a Master's degree and other certifications through shorter programs. Students from Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries will be admitted. With a focus on Gender and Human Rights, the project targets students of Journalism at two universities in Jordan: Petra University and Yarmouk University. Through a series of training programmes the project will provide detailed methods and techniques of reporting on human rights issues, focusing on violence against women, as well as improving the knowledge among students and the current quality of reporting on issues related to human rights at these universities and thereby influencing the journalists of the future.

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Jordan Media Institute (JMI)

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Location and contacts
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Anna Paolini,;

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Project contacts: 

Ms. Nermeen Murad, Director, JMI,

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Follow-up and achievments
Summary of the project implementation: 

The project was divided into two components, as requested by the Jordan Media Institute (JMI) who submitted the project proposal. A delay in the overall implementation of the project was to due a lack of recruitment of a CI NPO since March 2008. A contract was issued under the former Head of Office and expired before the new Head of Office was appointed, and no activities were undertaken by the contractor (JMI) during this time. The current Head of Office reviewed the project and developed a new contract with the JMI for the project implementation based on the revised needs of JMI within the framework of training and equipment. JMI sent their new proposal at the end of September and implementation modalities were set by the UNESCO office.

Achieved outputs: 
The first component dealt with the training of students, undertaken by JMI, to the sum of US$ 10,000. Three training programmes were planned, training 12-15 students on each course. The second component aimed at supporting the Jordan Media Institute through the purchase of equipment such as computers and software packages. The training programme was completed at the end of 2009.