Improving information on climate change in the national community radio network

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US$22 000.00

Since the 90s, with the advent of democratic process and successive government action taken to open up the audio-visual sector, great strides have been made in the Central African media landscape. The implementation of community-radio development programmes, supported by the UNESCO subregional office in Yaoundé, has led to the establishment of several community radios. Today, the country boasts close to 100 community and rural radios, as well as a 40-member national network of community radio operators—the ReRaC—, which seeks to promote good governance, and the conservation and sustainable development of natural resources. Training opportunities for community and local media workers are rare, even more so when it comes to building and strengthening the capacity of presenters and journalists in the collection, treatment and popularisation of information, and in good practices, especially in the area of sustainable development.
This project therefore will address the issue by conducting a 4-day training workshop for 40 representatives from 20 community radios, covering the production of thematic programmes, and with the actual production of 25 radio programmes. Its activities will also involve the pooling of the programmes produced during the course, as well as documentation on climate change, for the purpose of sharing with other ReRaC members. This will help to strengthen the capacity of rural-radio presenters and journalists, particularly in the areas of sustainable development and climate change.

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Coordination Nationale du Réseau des Radios communautaires d’Afrique Centrale pour la gestion durable des ressources naturelles (ReRaC)
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ReRaC—the community radio network for sustainable management of natural resources in Central Africa—was founded in 2008 with support from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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BP. 5506 Yaounde S/C UICN

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(+237) 22 21 64 96
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Ms Eva Paule Mouzong, ReRaC Regional Coordinator ( /

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