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IFEX programme for freedom of expression training and communication support

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In view of reinforcing IFEX in the developing world, the objective of this project was to: Provide personalized hands-on instruction for developing country groups in the use of new communications technologies, such as identifying and using reliable computer systems, installing and using electronic mail, and taking advantage of the many services available through the Internet; Expand the IFEX Internet site (the most comprehensive site of its kind in the world) making it more easily accessible to thousands of organizations and the general public throughout the developing world by making links with at least 200 other sites on press freedom and freedom of expression.

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The project commenced with the signing of the contract in 2002 under which particular attention was given to providing the network's 32 groups in developing countries and Newly Independent States with various forms of support. Priorities have ensured that all IFEX members have a basic level of ICT capacity. The programme first focused on those groups that are working with the least ICT capacity to see that they all obtain reliable and regular access to e-mail and an Internet connection, as well as reliable hardware and software. IFEX's workshops and annual conference have concentrated on Information Communications Technologies and how these new technologies can be used effectively for human rights campaigning in Southern and countries and newly Independent States. Through workshops held in conjunction with the annual conference, IFEX has provided these groups with the skills they need to grow and develop. IFEX continued to develop an easily-accessible and functional site. Perhaps the most important service on the IFEX site is the searchable database of Action Alerts. This service is the most comprehensive resource of its kind in the world. The site holds more than 10,000 reports dating back to 1995 that are made available to human rights activists, journalists, researchers, educators, and others. The site contains issues of the IFEX Communiqué, the world's only weekly newsletter that carries up-to-date information on the most recent developments in free expression issues. It also includes the world's most comprehensive list of groups working in a wide range of freedom of expression activities.Design and graphics improvements were also done, to provide further information on special free expression topics, such as anti-terrorism laws and free expression, as well as special reports.

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