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Establishment of Hargeisa Campus CMC

Year when project approved: 
Approved budget: 
US$38 500.00

In spite of their limited print runs, the papers in Somalia, especially the more independent ones, have been known to have had an edge that more than shaped up the destiny of this tiny nation (3.5 million). They consistently championed issues that touched the day-to-day lives of the man on the street: freedom of expression, individual rights, women rights, the right to justice, health and education, and the right to choice. This proposal is therefore meant to seek support to the setting up of the Campus Radio station and telecentre. The Campus CMC will serve as a reference point for both print and electronic information and knowledge and sharing by offering access to an alternative to state and other private media with a diversity of programming, and professional and responsible reporting. The improvement of the curriculum of the Hargeisa School of Journalism, through the integration of the radio station, media resources into appropriate courses, will also be achieved through provision of a hands-on opportunity for direct radio experience for students at the University, both inside and outside of the School of Journalism.

Project details
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Implementation status :

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Project scope:

Budget code: 
354 SOM 5072

Source of funds:

Beneficiary name: 
University of Hargeisa (UOH)
Beneficiary address: 
University of Hargeisa

Beneficiary country:

Location and contacts
Responsible UNESCO Regional advisers: 

Hezekiel Dlamini,;

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Project place: 

Project region:

Follow-up and achievments
Summary of the project implementation: 

The University of Hargeisa successfully completed the construction of community multimedia centtre building and funished it. Then it procured and installed the equipment and the Local Area Network. Currently, the facility is functioning as a production studio and provides hands on training for journalism students. Although the project implementation was delayed due to the volatile situation in Somalia, the project is now successfully contributing to the improvement of the curriculum of the Hargeisa School of Journalism through the integration of practical radio broadcasting and multimedia training into appropriate courses. The project is terminated.

Achieved outputs: 
The radio equipment has been installed and is now being utilized to provide radio production training to 50 certificate and degree journalism students each academic year.