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Establishment of a community multimedia centre in Bondoukuy

Year when project approved: 
Approved budget: 
US$22 000.00

Throughout the 1990s, the media landscape in Burkina Faso experienced significant growth, both in quantitative and qualitative terms. This was a natural consequence of the ongoing processes of democratisation, decentralisation and media liberalisation. To enable the free and fair practice of media-related activities, an Information Code was adopted in 1991, and a regulatory body: the Conseil Supérieur de la Communication (Higher Council for Communication), established in 1995. In terms of audio-visual media, Burkina Faso boasts 138 radio stations and 20 television channels. Print-media publications include 4 dailies, 8 weeklies, 1 bi-weekly, 7 monthlies, and 1 bi-monthly. The fact remains, however, that Burkinabe media outlets are faced with a difficult economic environment, which hinders their development. This is particularly true for community radios, which depend on member subscriptions as their main source of funding.
This project will attempt to address the issue by establishing a telecentre at the radio station in Bondoukuy in order to convert it into a Community Multimedia Centre. It will involve the acquisition and installation of equipment, as well as ten days of TOT training and training for local populations.

Project details
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Beneficiary name: 
Wuelo-Ho Community Radio
Beneficiary description: 

Radio Wuelo-Ho was established by the Union provinciale des producteurs de coton de Bondoukuy (UDPCB) (Bondoukuy Cotton Farmers Union). The UDPCB is governed by Law no. 014/99/AN of April 15, 1999. It was officially registered on 24/12/2012 under the number 2002-268-order-006-MATD/MHN/BDK, and has its head offices in Bondoukuy. The executive bodies of the Union are the General Assembly, the Management Board, and Oversight Committee.

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Beneficiary phone: 
(+226) 50430142 / 70269688

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Location and contacts
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Rokia Ba, CI Adviser, UNESCO Bamako (

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Project contacts: 

Mr Ben Adama Coulibaly (

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