Establishing a network of community radios in Argentina and promoting greater women participation and leadership in the media

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US$15 400.00

By taking advantage of the great potential of community radios to reach out to people and actively engage them in rights-related issues, this project will create a network of immigrant community journalists to promote gender-awareness issues, freedom of expression and immigrants´ and refugees´ rights. In addition, this project will promote and strengthen female participation and leadership in the media. Immigrant women in Argentina face numerous obstacles to accessing basic rights, such as health services (for themselves and their children) and social services. Domestic violence in Argentina is a serious problem, as are obstacles to the timely prosecution of rape, the prevalence of sexual harassment, and a persistent gender gap in pay, among other iniquities. In addition, the migrant status often intimidates women to contact authorities, making it difficult to report cases of domestic violence.
Community media (radios and newspapers) often lack the know-how and resources necessary to uphold their broadcasting rights, to produce rights-relevant and community-relevant contents, and to establish working relations or strong partnerships with other civil society organizations, including media associations (such as FARCO, AMARC, Red PAR or the Red Nacional de Medios Alternativos). A space for networking, exchange and debate will help community journalists to strengthen and disseminate a rights-based perspective. A web based platform will further support the network and will assure nationwide contact, dissemination of local news, and production of rights-oriented contents for (and from) all network participants.

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Asociación por los Derechos Civiles (Association for Civil Rights)
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The Association for Civil Rights (ADC) is a Buenos Aires-based, non-partisan NGO comprising 25 lawyers and journalists working to guarantee respect for civil and constitutional rights in Argentina and in Latin America. The overall objectives guiding the ADC are to promote and advocate for respect for fundamental rights; to
defend the rights of the inhabitants of Argentina and Latin America, especially those who have limited access to justice due to discrimination; and to contribute to the strengthening of democratic institutions.

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Av. Córdoba 795 piso 8, C1054AAG Buenos Aires, Argentina

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(+54)-11-5236 0555
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Maria Svensson, Project Development Coordinator (

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Buenos Aires