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Enhancing Institutional Capacity of National University of Samoa through Introduction of Radio in a Box

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US$10 285.00

In Samoa, radio provides the primary means for accessing information. Training journalism students and working media professionals to fully exercise the capacity of radio is therefore of crucial importance. The National University of Samoa attempts to respond to this need by offering training to students in radio journalism through its Media and Journalism Programme. However despite its good intentions, the University is forced to contend with severe financial constraints and lack of equipment, thus inhibiting students from applying theory in a practical context. This project will attempt to remedy the situation by providing a 'radio in a box' facility as well as offering practical training to first and second year journalism students in developing radio broadcast content. It will result in the creation of a functional broadcasting production studio as well as the launch of a student radio station to be transmitted on the FM Band serving the University Campus, which will be maintained by a trained group of students capable of producing quality programming. OBJECTIVE To provide equipment in the form of a 'radio in a box' facility, and training in order to equip 24 Media and Journalism students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and practical means to run their own student radio station and produce quality programming content.

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National University of Samoa
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The National University of Samoa has grown from its humble beginnings in 1984 to an internationally recognized institution of higher learning. The Media and Journalism Programme is located within the School of Business and General Studies of the University's Institute of Technology. This training programme was developed through a joint initiative with the Journalism Association of Samoa to address gaps in media and journalism training identified by the media industry in Samoa. The Programme also has an Industry Advisory Panel with industry representatives from print, broadcast and on-line media who work closely with the university in tailoring the Media and Journalism Programme.

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Toomatagi Apia PO Box 1622 Samoa

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+685 21428
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Paul Hector,;

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Misa Vicky Lepou, Lecturer at NUS,;

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