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Empowering the media sector in Hebron

Year when project approved: 

This project, developed by the International Palestinian Youth League (IPYL) aims to empower the media in Hebron to increase awareness in the local community about participation in the democratic process. IPYL proposes to achieve this goal through: Establishing a small specialised media training and resource centre in its Hebron premises that would focus on civil society; Providing basic and advanced training for staff working in the local media stations, on modern and state-of-the-art equipment; Providing advanced training courses on civil society issues, such as democratic participation and public relations; Upgrading the skills of professionals and technicians in 8 local radio and TV stations; Empowering the local stations to play a more active role in community development. The project will empower local TV and radio stations as well as journalists and civil society organisations to design, implement and broadcast community development programmes. In addition, it will enable the media to expand their outreach projects to larger audiences.

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International Palestinian Youth League (IPYL)
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Follow-up and achievments
Summary of the project implementation: 

Some forty participants from different backgrounds, mainly those working in the media field (local radio and TV stations, free lance journalists, students, interested and concerned people in community media and journalism took part in the training. Some participants continue to visit the media centre to carry out extra work and to keep practicing on different software and multimedia programmes, and some of the radio stations are using the facility to record, edit and film programmes for their stations. Four short video documentaries were produced by the participants on a variety of relevant topics. In addition the two training manuals of the project have been completed and are in the process of being printed, both in soft and hard copy. All work is strictly on line with detailed work plan schedule. UNESCO is now awaiting receipt of the copies of the videos, the training manuals, and the detailed final and financial reports.

Summary of the project evaluation: 
Achieved outputs: 
Early evaluations from both participants and the project coordinator are extremely positive as shown not only by the active participation but also by the well-received support of the Hebron community as a whole. The International Palestinian Youth League implemented the project promptly and professionally, handling efficiently the creation of the centre, the purchase of the equipment and the scheduling and high-quality content of the training component. Reporting between UNESCO/IPDC and the project coordinator was prompt, comprehensive and open good communications were maintained throughout the implementation period. Further pilot projects involving media and the Hebron community have been proposed, where UNESCO funding and expert assistance would be extremely beneficial. (Dec 2005)