Creation of two community media centres for youth in the rural and indigenous states of Campeche and Chiapas

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US$19 800.00

Rural and indigenous communities in Mexico are culturally and traditionally patriarchal and adult-centered. In this context, women are discriminated against, and girls even more so due to their age. That is why it is crucial to focus work on girls and on generating a culture of participatory work as opposed to focusing on adults and machoism. Despite the fact that the association Community Communication has worked with all age groups, it considers that working with children and youth creates a greater impact on the long-term social development of a community. Indeed, the integral development of a community is enriched when one supports self-esteem building capacities and development, especially in girls. Nevertheless, this work cannot be undertaken on an individual scale, and has to be inscribed within communitarian logic, with participation of both girls and boys.
The aim of this project is to create two media centres (one in Chenalhó, Chiapas, the other in Calakmul, Campeche) focused on laying the foundations for young people to produce materials with technical quality, developed through workshops that enhance narrative capacity, strengthen gender perspectives, rescue traditions and oral memory, and that become vehicles for freedom of expression. The intention is to create a space that contributes to the formation of a generation of young people that will grow having access to the expressive tools they once lacked, based on the understanding that today’s media guarantees visibility and self-expression.

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Community Communication A.C.
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Community Communication (Comunicación Comunitaria A.C.) is a civil association constituted in Mexico City in 1999 by communicators, artists and citizens that have been actively engaged in the democratization of communication media for over 10 years. Its main objective is the creation of spaces for education, management
and communication with aims to contribute to social democratization and enhanced citizenship. Its perspective is oriented towards gender awareness, identity and cultural rights, with its work with youths beginning in 2004 with the first workshop for critical reception, during which the methodology of Media Education was developed as a basis for projects. This methodology for Media Education won the 1st prize of the UNICEF “Children and Adolescents Rights in Mexico” contest in 2009. It includes a systematization of the entire process, with the purpose of monitoring and evaluating results step by step, guaranteeing the final product.

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Cell: (+52 55) 55 16 88 88 49 / Office: (+52 55) 56 58 91 27
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Irma Ávila, Project Coordinator Community Communication A.C. (

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Calakmul biosphere (Zoh-Laguna and neighbouring communities), Campeche and Chenalhó community, Chiapas