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Conflict Sensitive Journalism : Empowering Young Journalists in Responsible Coverage During Times of Conflict

Year when project approved: 
Approved budget: 
US$22 000.00

Lebanese media institutions not only have not played a calming, peace-bringing role during the unrest, but they conversely acted as a catalyst agent fuelling the already existing divisions and being the reason for more negative feelings. Indeed, the president of the Lebanese republic and the Lebanese army commandment were prompted to ask media institutions to practice control and restrain over what is broadcasted to the public in order to prevent unconstructive feelings among recipients. Thus, and in the light of the afore-mentioned situation, it becomes evident that there is a real need to remind the constituents of Lebanese media body about their role in objective news coverage, and to educate them on how to be agents of peace. In Lebanese society, conflict sensitive journalism would help in bridging gaps by finding common grounds on which to report instead of worsening the already-existing tensions by reporting subjective and highly politicized stories. The main goal of this project is to implement a sense of conflict-sensitive journalism in young Lebanese journalists thus leading to a more peace promoting media sector in Lebanon. By the conclusion of the project period, thirty young journalists will be capable of applying the newly acquired concepts and skills of conflictsensitive journalism to improve their reporting skills and also be able to produce a newspaper supplement with their own stories by the end of the training workshop.

Project details
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Maharat Foundation
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Australia Center Building, 6th floor Jdeideh

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George Awad, Program Officer,;

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Roula Mikhael, Executive Director,;

Project place: 
Le Meridien Hotel, Beirut

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