Community communication for the eradication of violence against indigenous women of Mexico, Nicaragua and Guatemala

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US$27 500.00

This regional project involves community women communicators in Mexico, Nicaragua and Guatemala, with the aim of equipping them with increased knowledge and tools to help end violence against women in communities, particularly against indigenous women. It is based on common characteristics that affect the lives of indigenous women in their communities. The project has been devised by representatives of the Women's Networking Association of Community Radio Broadcasters in all three of the above countries, but will be coordinated in Mexico. Women communicators in these countries have made some progress in addressing the issue of violence against women in communities, however there exists a need to further examine such a complex issue, requiring knowledge and analysis in order to address it via radio. The project is aimed at women's networks, but it is recognized that it is also essential for radio to address the issue of violence from different angles to include men in an issue in which they are involved.
This project is an opportunity to work with indigenous women communicators on the topic of violence. They will receive appropriate and accurate information on the ways in which violence is exercised against women. This information will help to promote women's rights through radio broadcasting. Secondly, the project will help to develop links between communicators and indigenous women in communities to enable future collaboration with other broadcasters in order to promote the participation of women in broadcasting work, taking into account their context, issues, applications, specific languages. This will contribute to providing effective alternatives to respond to the issue of violence against women and incorporating gender perspectives. Thirdly, via the radio productions that community radio women will produce, the project seeks to influence men and women in communities in order to change cultural practices in pursuit of gender equity. At the end, women will learn to support the development of gender–sensitive programs and strategies on best practices for dissemination.

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Red de Radios Comunitarias de México, A.C.
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The Red de Radios Comunitarias de México, A.C. is a network that brings together 30 various community projects in 12 states. Two of these states are Oaxaca and Michoacán, where most of the stations are located in indigenous communities and transmitted in native languages, with particular attention to needs of the
population’s access to information and promoting local culture. The Red de Radios Comunitarias de México, A.C. has worked on the formation and consolidation of the Women’s Network in its pursuit of gender equality, and addresses this issue in its communities. Contributing to the eradication of gender violence through radio
work is a need for the communities and the network.

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Vista Hermosa 89, Col. Portales, México, D.F. 03300

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(+52) 55 56724961
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Andrew Radolf (

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María Eugenia Chávez Fonseca, Executive Coordinator (

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Mexico, D.F.