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Code Foundation: New Communication and Information Technologies for the Improvement of Radio Production

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This is a regional project with the objective of training 250 radio practitioners (50 per country for the five Andean countries) in advanced digital audio production and editing. The project includes the creation of a web site to serve both as a centre of information on new radio digital technologies and as a Virtual Training Centre.

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The project has been completed. It developed a Web page ( A survey on digital audio needs was designed, as well as the matrix for the on-line course (subjects, chapters and specific objectives for each of the six modules). Entitled 'New Audio Digital Technologies for the Improvement of Radiophonic Production in the Andean Region', the online course was launched in August 2005 and completed in September. Graphics, photos, audio and video resources were also produced for the course. Databases with the electronic addresses of media and universities in the Andean region were also completed. An informative brochure on the project was printed. The proposed information and training centre website have been completed. CODE made an agreement with the University of Loja in Ecuador to use the university's e-learning platform for the online course. The online course provided training to 139 participants (from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Venezuela, Paraguay and Brazil) which increased their capacity to use the new digital audio technologies in their productions. However, the amount of the people trained fell short of the original proposal of 250. The project also created a website, an online training centre, and a database on training needs. The online training centre, Centro de Capacitación Virtual, and web site will contribute to the Andean region's training resources on new digital technologies. The online course that is part of the training centre will continue to benefit both radio practitioners who can access the course, as well as training institutions which can use the modules, as well information from the survey, for designing future capacity-building programmes.

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