Capacity building for young citizen journalists in Eastern Amman, Zarqa, Ma'an

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US$23 650.00

From Radio Farahalnas’ experience as a community radio, young men and women from underserved communities generally feel they are more marginalized than their peers in other areas. They say they are “stigmatized” by poverty, lack of education, and drug abuse and need a chance to prove otherwise and be able to provide or at least discuss solutions to issues that disadvantage their local communities and Jordan at large. With the support of UNESCO, this project seeks to create a core group of 15 motivated young men and women from 3 underserved communities (one in the eastern part of Amman, and the other two in the governorates of Zarqa and Ma’an), to become citizen journalists capable of producing regular radio content reflecting their peers’ views, concerns, and aspirations. The productions will also focus on the role of young women in their local communities.
From observation and field work, considerable discrepancy is apparent between young men and women, especially in the governorates of Jordan; hence the choice of Zarqa and Ma’an as target areas for this project. Young women are almost always encouraged to target specific subjects to study at university in order to obtain limited job opportunities that enable them to primarily fulfill their maternal role as ‘housewives’. A general lack of knowledge as to women’s rights has also been observed, thus affecting their chances, especially at a young age, to excel in society. This project promotes community media and corresponds to the needs of ‘marginalized’ groups, namely the youth as a demographic section of the population and residents of underserved communities.

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Radio Farahalnas – Hashemite Fund For Human Development
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Farahalnas Radio is co-owned by the Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JoHuD) and the Jordan National Committee for Women’s Affairs. Farahalnas was launched as a community radio station through an agreement with the Audio Video Commission in August 2008. It mainly broadcasts to Amman and Zarqa on
98.5 FM. It also has licenses to broadcast to other governorates such as Ajlun and Madaba. Since its inception, Farahalnas has also spearheaded a number of projects focusing on gender equality, youth, election coverage and citizen journalism, with support from prominent organizations such as IREX, Deutsche Welle, IMS, and UNDP amongst others.

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Zenid Institute, Batha St., Hashemi Shamali, Amman

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(+962) 6 5060579

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Nihad Jariri, Radio Farahalnas Programme Manager (+962 79 6162111 /

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